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Outdoor griddle

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I know it's almost seasoned, but...

I'm using a Camp Chef flat top grill for cooking outside. It works well, and I have never had serious problems with it. But on the bbq sites and forums, many people tell how his/her Blackstone griddle works good and share awesome pics of grilled food. I don't want to switch to it, but I want just to buy it and cook on different grills (I know, there are some people who have several grills). So it's difficult for me to choose between 28" and 36".

Does the 28" enough for a small family (me and my daughter), or maybe there are other features that I missed on their site https://www.blackstoneproducts.com/faq/difference-36-black-36-stainless-steel-griddles/? Does it worth to buy another griddle?

I've had no chance to compare Blackstone and Camp Chef in real life, so I need your advice.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Cromus. I suppose the important factor is if you have the money to spare. We all have a wish list that is ever growing, but if it will stretch you to buy it then it’s never worth it. The 28” should be big enough for 2 people in my opinion, but I admit I don’t know much about these products, only read the articles you posted. If you bite the bullet and get one then let us know what you think. 

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