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Knife Storage

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Hoping there are some knowledgeable kitchen knife people on here?

Starting to get a collection of Zelite knives and although they each come in good storage boxes and some with leather sheaths. But due to the size of the boxes need to be kept in an underneath cupboard in the kitchen and it is a bit of a pain having to dig through them to find the right knife for the job.

So looking for a knife block or Knife roll bag to store them ( a knife roll bag may be better if wanting to take them somewhere)? I don't want a magnetic strip or block. Would like it to be able to hold around 10-12 knives. The largest knife I have is 17.25 inches long (12" blade) any recommendations please?

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Some of the knives I have come in leather sheaths ruling out a magnetic block, although they are way more practical. But from what I read not always  recommended for your knives.

My knives come in very good presentation boxes but I have to store them in an underneath cupboard and it is starting to be a pain having to sort through them to get the one I want and the large knife takes up quite a bit of space.

The rollable bag I have bought has a zippable side pocket that can store my Smoker stuff also, basting brush and spatulas etc, that hopefully will enable me to keep my equipment all in one place and more easily accessible and mean also if I need to take them anywhere occasionally makes it easier to do so, than boxes etc.

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