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Lamb Tagine

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This is my take on a Lamb Tagine, cooked in a cast iron Tagine.

Full Video Here




1Tbs Oil

500g Lamb Rump

2Tbs Ras-El-Hanout

2 Medium Chopped Onions

3 Chopped Garlic Cloves

350ml Lamb Stock

1 Tin Chopped Tomatoes

1 Tin Chick Peas

25g Dried Apricots

6 Saffron Strands

1 Tbs Honey




  1. Combine the Lamb and Ras-El-Hanout in a bowl and refrigerate over night
  2. Add the oil to the Tagine
  3. Put the Saffron Strands in a small container and add 2 Tbs of hot water
  4. Add the Lamb and brown all over
  5. Remove the Lamb from the Tagine
  6. Add the Onions to the Tagine and cook until they are just turning translucent. Do not brown
  7. Add the Garlic and cook for a further minute
  8. Remove the Onions from the Tagine to a bowl.
  9. De-glaze the Tagine with the Lamb Stock
  10. Add the Onions and Lamb back to the Tagine
  11. Add the Tinned Tomatoes and cook for 2 minutes
  12. Add the Chick Peas and stir in
  13. Add the Dried Apricots
  14. Add the Saffron Strands and the water
  15. Add the honey, stir well, put the Tagine lid on and cook over a low heat for 2 hours
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