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We are dedicating November to Cold Smoking

WoodSmoke Forum would like to introduce
We will be looking at Equipment, Smoking Methods and Smoking Produce.
The forum will be open for Members to comment and post their Smokes.
We will also have discount codes from suppliers for some great deals.

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*** Note from Admin. The Supracure cure used in this video was diluted with salt before curing the pork. When working with Nitrite and Nitrate cures it is important to follow the manufacturers usage instructions. ***

A little early but hopefully this will fit in nicely when November comes around.

Here's my recent Cold Smoked Bacon video - I kept it very straightforward and it's a good base to start from - as you add extra flavours and methods.


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Hi David, great video, I cured some belly identically to this using the same cure and the bacon was far too salty even after soaking for 24 hours, do you think I used too much cure or cured for too long? Thanks

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