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Shall we do a beer exchange post a bottle to 6 or 12 bottles to each other by post? Say for  12 December so as to give time to brew and conditioning you do not have anything ready?  I am fermenting a mild at the moment. And will be doing a couple single hop pale ales soon.


Maybe this can become a regular thing between the brewers

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If you use PET bottles  the weight is reduced and the postage is ok. I am sending 24 bottles off soon. I will let you know how much that costs/. But yes ok whatever the number. When using PET screw tights then tighten up again an hour later and again 24 hours later. there is usually a little more shift as carbonation starts

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3 at the moment. Look for more to join us. I will let you know how much 24 bottles costs me though that is an advent  comp thing. Doubt it will be cheap but i get 24 bottles back so it's ok. We can do smaller. On homebrew forum uk  there is a monthly one and you send one botlle. There is no rush. When you are ready.  I am going to brew a few beers and keep some back for cpmps. The mild i am doing is because it a dark beer and the winter comps are usually for dark beers.

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1 hour ago, Mick said:

do you use a wort chiller?

I do Mick........made my own it's easy...some folks like to cool over night, but I like to get it in the fermenter asap.



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