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Complete Newbie/Ignoramus!

Nick Sellick

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Hi Everyone,

New to the group, first post, etc, etc.

I have a bit of experience of outdoor cooking and bbqing. I have a home made rocket stove bbq and a paving slab pizza oven which I use on a regular basis.

I'd like to have a go at smoking, but having read quite a bit, I'm more confused than ever!

Ideally I would like to hot smoke using wood as my heat source as well as the source of the flavour, rather than using loads of charcoal that I can't really afford.

Is this possible? If it is what sort of smoker should I be looking at?

I was on the cusp of getting the Azuma BBQ smoker, and then I read about reverse flow offset smokers and about how much better they are than normal offset smokers. I'm still not sure why they are better, but I am very impressionable and easily swayed! I don't have the sort of money the reverse flow cost.

If I got the Azuma, or similar, could I add an extra plate as per the reverse flow ones?

Any advice, suggestions, links, etc, gratefully received.

I am in the UK if that makes a difference.



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Once again, welcome to the Forum Nick.

Looking at a picture of the Azuma Smoker, I would say it’s not possible to add extra plate, to make a reverse flow smoker. The reason why, the chimney will be at the same end as the end of the turning plate. You would have to move the Chimney from the right hand side to the left hand side, so the Heat travels under the turning plate left to right, the travels over the food right to left exiting via the chimney on the left.

These type of smokers are hard work as well, to regulate the temperature.


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4 minutes ago, Nick Sellick said:

Mind you, I'm reasonable handy and I don't think moving the chimney would be difficult, it's just bolted on! What do you reckon?

Do not know this make of smoker inside out, but could be done, or how about fitting the lid the opposite way round and re-drill the handle holes and hinge pivot holes at the back?

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I have a supply of untreated off cuts from rafters for the heat source and some apple wood available for the taste source.

I just looked at the link. The smoker looks very similar to the Azuma, but I have found what appears to be a very similar thing for quite a lot less. 


Working on the principle that if I'm going to mess with something, I'd rather ruin £70.00 than £170.00.

Is the link highlighting the variation in temperature? I could have done with some words of explanation!!

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