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FINALLY! I have completed my kamado table / counter

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2 years ago (yes that long ago!) I decided that I wanted to upgrade from my Kamado stand to a proper kamado table. After looking around I decided that I had 3 options:

1, Buy a stainless steel frame for roughly £1000 or a wooden table for roughly £700-£900. (more than I wanted to spend)

2, Buy a cheap stainless kitchen counter and mod it into a suitable table. (non seemed strong enough for the weight)

3, Make a stainless steel or wooden table from scratch myself.

I originally opted for option 3 (wooden table) due to materials being cheaper...however with my lack of experience working with wood, coupled with the cost of having to buy tools made that more expensive. Option 3 (stainless steel table) made more sense due to my experience with metal, my previous/current job role and access to the tools required. After talking with my boss about fabricating my own table during my spare time in the factory, it became a viable option....so off to the drawing board I went😁

Part 1 was to make a frame, originally I was going to purchase some box section however 1 year ago, there was enough excess stainless steel angles from a previous customer's job just waiting to be used....So I bought the angle offcuts from my boss for a good price.

I cut them down to the required size, notched the required ends and then prepared them for welding.



I welded the bottom of the frame first


followed by the top


finally welded the whole frame together, added the middle shelf and bolted the castors/wheels on. I also took the frame home so I could measure the next part and also get it out of the way for work colleague's.


I also added a sheet of galvanized steel onto the shelf for the kamado to sit on.



After designing the rest of the table disaster struck!!

By the time I was ready for the next stage, the price of metal had gone through the roof....pushing the cost to £1100, more than the tables I had seen the previous year...and this was just to finish the job and did not include what I had already spent! I was forced to play the waiting game and have an eyesore of an unfinished table in the garden.

Prices came down very slowly and at the end of August this year It was finally low enough to carry on. I ordered the remainder of the stainless steel and worked on it during September. Once all the cutting on the laser, folding, drilling and welding was complete I took the frame back into work.

First thing was to weld the cupboard bases in


Then I welded the sides and back panel on and took it back home to finish.



I then glued the valance panels and trims on.


installed the waterproof plug socket.


The final step was to put the doors on, put the kamado back in place and then peel all the plastic wrap off.

Here is the finished result.







Inside the cupboards



access to the bottom of the Kamado (and bottle opener, top right corner of the photo, this was a necessity!)


The temperature controller cover


Temperature controller



temperature probes (which can also be seen in the above photo)




It took a lot longer than expected to finish this (mainly due to the price of metal shooting up) but I'm glad its all finally done. The total cost for everything was very close to £525. Most people think I'm mad (I probably am!) for spending this on a bbq table but I'm hoping I get many years out of it and the kamado. It's not perfect but its certainly good enough for me😁

Next job is to get back to cooking barbecue since I have missed out on a few weeks due to this project and being busy in work....and put that bottle opener through it's paces haha😂🤣🍺

Thanks for looking!👍


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