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Cook outs


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Has anyone organised a cook out before? I know some of you have obviously ha

Im not too interested in comps at the moment but bang up for having a cook up and chill and sample everyone else’s ideas etc.

Thinking of hosting one in the south or like Oxford way. If the turn out is good and people are down, could maybe hold a comp the next time, then could maybe make it a mini fest in a few years... just dreaming I think but hey.....

I know a cook out will be different from a public event, so would I be right in saying we would really ideally need just like a camping ground or a farmer who’s up for renting out a field for a few days and it would be a private event thus not needing Insurance etc?


Cheers in advance!

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Morning Nevada...have you read the "Woodsmoke18 & 19" threads yet mate?? https://www.woodsmokeforum.uk/forum/125-smoking-and-bbq-weekend/ 

It's basically what you're thinking about, we meet up at a campsite which allows group meetings.  Set up a gazebo or two and prep, cook and then set all the food out and sit down and eat.

The next one is in a few weeks at the



Ice. :thumb1:

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Cheers Ice!

I briefly looked over them! I just had a running idea with me after I found a massive car park with a big plot of grass that seems to be used for like car meets and stuff for a donation to this charity, my brain just thought Tailgate spot! 


Will really look into these today!


Thanks again!

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No worries mate...fitting a tailgate into the year is a little daunting  and formidable. The big one, "Woodsmoke"  attracts the biggest attendance,  there is the Anglia and South East Tailgate, and the Northern Tailgate....the Midland one was cancelled.

There's a few of us in the West Midland club section kicking around an idea for a Meet & Greet type of weekend maybe next year some time. We're trying to encourage the smaller area parts of the forum.  Keep it small and easy to set up,  not everyone can find the time to travel long distances up and down the UK for 1 maybe 2 nights.

When it comes to the comp side we never get into that..(at the moment 😉)  just meet up,  set up cook whatever we want, all aim for 1700hrs,  dish up and eat, drink & chew the fat.



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Hi @Nevada, as @Icefever has already mentioned, we do hold meetings “Tailgates”

Its great to get folks interested in meeting up and cooking together and sampling each other’s food and ideas, apart from @JustinBeef Heart! 🤣


The problem with trying to organise these type of events are, suitable location. We have a wide range of people who what to attend, but not everyone wants to camp out in a tent. So we look for sites that accommodate Camping, Caravans/Motorhomes, Pods and a near by Hotel, this way we can cater for all needs.


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