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Asian Salmon baked in the Tandoor


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Made a marinade with light soy, honey, Mirin, toasted sesame seed oil, garlic, ginger and white wine vinegar (you can also add Sirachia sauce but I didn’t) kept some marinade aside. Added  the rest of the marinade to the salmon and chilled overnight.



After chilling over night, drained the kept aside non salmon marinade from the garlic and ginger and heated to reduce to a glaze.



Baked the salmon in the tandoor for about 6 minutes, removed and glazed with the reduced marinade and baked again for about 3 minutes.

5426728F-B1E0-41CE-BBFD-3987A0596D28.thumb.jpeg.40fced596cd210a447b438e24fdeea32.jpeg          30ECB5AD-D887-452F-AD1B-7775AAD62583.thumb.jpeg.727018ce2b6045767a51e2e15500691f.jpeg        


Served on a bed of green bean and asparagus salad.



Also cooked another batch of tandoori chicken. Warmed the pittas using the grill from my Smokey Joe.

EA0C9D35-60B9-4E15-BA04-855A4ED0B514.thumb.jpeg.429fdaa8e5a17811220a7c42947f93db.jpeg82961609-E757-46EF-BACF-6BE5E2C706EE.thumb.jpeg.de91104061a27e1b406b798e3f4259bf.jpeg    4EE15F77-920C-45EC-9641-7F6B65D4B5BB.thumb.jpeg.c3bb2c71d78f4e408948881d7e7785cf.jpeg



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