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Hi from south London


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Good work

Looking forward to your adventures, show us your future cooks and hopefully you will find lots of helpful people and resources. I have been on the forum since last March 2018 and I have found and continue to find many friends and much help.  The tailgates are great fun. I have organised the inaugural spring Anglia and Southeast which was earlier this year with and I am going to the Midlands, Northern and National ones through the year. The national is this weekend. They are great fun and relaxing. Hope to see you at one of those in the future.

I learnt lots from this forum including cold smoking and charcuterie. Now I am into all grain brewing too, all through the inspiration derived from this forum


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3 hours ago, ExclusiveBBQ said:

Welcome to the forum.


Looks like you've got some nice looking stuff. I gotta ask: how did the brisket go? My first one wasn't anywhere near what I wanted to I'm always curious. :) 


Looking forward to seeing more.

Came out well I cooked it for 8 hours at 250  5 hours unwrapped  3 hours wrapped in foil with a bit of beef broth  (want to try butchers paper next) then sat it in a cooler to rest for 2 hours 

It still had a good texture when sliced and was pull apart tender 



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