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Anyone Know Of A Custom Gasket Set For The ProQ Frontier


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Thinking my ProQ isn't sealing properly, due to the temp fluctuations I get when using the smartfire, around the stackers and doors?. In the states you can get ready made customised gasket sets for your particular model of smoker/bbq. Has anyone seen any UK vendors selling these and more specifically for the ProQ Frontier? 

Cutting lengths for gaskets and sealing it up myself isn't really my forte and I know it will end up a mess 😀 Thought about trying Aluminium foil tape as an easy stop gap, not sure how long it would last inside the ProQ though

Alternatively if anyone is going to Billing and is confident doing this sort of thing and willing to help me seal it all on the Friday night, happy to purchase what is needed, beforehand with guidance and bring it with me.

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