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Big Phat Greek chicken - bab


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My first use of Angus and Oink Big Phat Greek rub. 

I placed 1.2kg of skinless and boneless chicken thighs in a marinate of 32g of A&O BPG and about 60ml of rapeseed oil. 

This was sealed up and left in the fridge overnight. IMG_20190713_213339.thumb.jpg.f8ffad8581afabac1197622e6112450f.jpg


I setup the Morrisons small Kamado and got the temp to 190C indirect.I used some Pro Q coco that was left from the last cook and topped it up with so lump wood. I didn't need much.   IMG_20190714_164752.thumb.jpg.1716cf8a35165a0d2aa60daf0418428e.jpg

I threaded the thighs onto bamboo skewers that had been soaking for a few hours. The small Kamado grill is 34cm at it s largest point.

The bamboo skewers are 30cm and fit just perfectly in the case. My metal ones would not.  IMG_20190714_164300.thumb.jpg.cbff5474dfb3802dc9669f13722147ff.jpg 


I cooked at about 190C until up to internal temp of 75C. A little apple wood for a tickle of smoke.

It took about an hour and a half. I didn't time it accurately to be honest. I turned it 3 or 4 times throughout.

IMG_20190714_182516.thumb.jpg.7d02dd8feb30361c3c5128b54770d4da.jpg Looked amazing ! Nice colour, a few charred bits. 

IMG_20190714_183222.thumb.jpg.0260884b85246fc62a85e706097fae4e.jpg Ate amazing! Love the A&O rub, really nice authentic flavour.

I enjoyed the cooking method too. Worked really well. A good compromise if you have no rotisserie.

We will absolutely be having this on a regular basis now. A good healthy bit of chicken with real flavour and a nice juicy texture. 

I recommend it. 




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1 minute ago, Raptor72 said:

That rub is the closest to kebab spice I’ve ever used 

looks great effort Phil 

Thanks, i enjoyed doing it and my belly tells me i am happy. 

One more picture from part way through the cook, just to show how 1.2kg of chicken thighs looks on this Kamado.

Really impressed with it so far. 



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On 7/14/2019 at 9:57 PM, sotv said:

Looks great, saved that rub in my basket for Amazon for future purchase when my current Greek Seasoning I usually use has run out as it has tripled in price since the last time I bought it.😞

Phew, just dropped back down to its normal price, grabbed one before they put it back up again. Will keep an eye out for the Angus & Oink one in the future though.

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Looks amazing that 😍

I used this rub on some pork loin steaks last weekend, really good stuff. I got it in this months A&O monthly box offer, came with the Italian rub (also very good, used that on some lamb chumps last night), Rampant Angus scotch bonnet ketchup and a choice of olive or almond wood chips, £22 delivered.


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