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Gammon Cooking Time?


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Thinking of doing a large gammon for Billing. Done small ones before to 155-160F and only takes 2.5-3 hours. But thinking of doing a full D shaped boneless gammon 5KG and wondered if anyone has an rough idea how long that will take to cook at 225F or slightly higher, if need be?

Not the sort of thing that is cost effective to practice on to find out myself with only 2 in the household 😀

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Weber recipe

Place gammon in tray  and add water, get wood smoking (apple wood?)250--350F indirect low heat for 1.25 to 2 hours (about 10 mins per 500g), until in reaches about 135f using instant read thermometer not touching the bone. Replenish charcoal as required  to maintain steady temp add three to five briquettes to each pile every 45 mins  (if using weber trays in kettle?). 


Glaze ham during the last 30 mins and foil an d stop glazing if gammon starts to look too dark

Remove to chopping board an cover with ten foil covering rest 15 to 20 mins and cut into slices serve warm.



120ml cider vinegar

120ml tomato ketchup

4 tbsp fresh lie juice

3 tbsp soft dark brown sugr

2 tbsp soy sauce

1 tbsp Dijon mustard

1/2 tspn ground black pepper

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Of course top up water in tray that has the ham in as you go so the ham does not dry out 6 tbspns or so at a time should be enough to top it up from time to time


I cooked a 5kg gammon  bone in ham like this  a couple Christmases ago, was lovely ham.



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Makes me wonder though you cook small ones at  155 to 170 and it takes three hours, I realise 5kg is heavier but at higher temp 215 but why suddenly 9 hours>  I think Simon was mostly wondering how long he could keep them minion snake method going. When he visited my house that is what I showed him on a kettle..  I think 9 hours is excessive. to get to 130 135F is about is at most 15 20 mins  mins pound at 225 F





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33 minutes ago, Simon said:

What size was the one you cooked for 3 hours?

Just a small one just under 2kg

28 minutes ago, Simon said:

I gave mine extra time as I had to sort something out in the house for a bit but it didn’t hurt the cook. At 9 hours when I took it off it certainly didn’t taste over cooked, best gammon I ever had. 

Cheers Simon I will use that as a baseline, if cooks a little quicker and reaches an internal of 155F before that. I can always wrap it and put it in a picnic cooler and so long as it doesn't drop below 145F before serving, should still be hot and good to go.

@Justin 135F although is probably the recommended and perfectly safe. I think that is way below what I am comfortable or enjoy eating, cooked ham or gammon at personally. Everybodies tastes are different of course

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