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CPL Restaurant Grade Lumpwood charcoal


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Has anyone had anything from them recently? Picked up a 2 X 12kg bags last month (from cpl via eBay) but only got around to using it this week. Bugger me it's terrible.... Small chunks and they feel overly light and not very dense - candy floss like. 

Cooking with a full chimney worth on the Weber Kettle nets about 30 mins cooking time before it wastes away, the heat drops dramatically and I need to add more.

Cooked a spatchcocked chicken on Thursday and had to add 3 loads..... 

Last good bag I had would burn steadily for at least 2 hours and had chunks the size of a babies head!

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I have had 2 12kg bags recently from B&Q when they had 20% off promotion and I have been really happy with the quality and size. The first bag did spit a bit when in the chimney but haven’t noticed it in the second. Burns really hot.

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10 hours ago, ndg_2000 said:

Definitely not my experience with this charcoal  normally good size lumps and long burn times on this charcoal its my go to charcoal for my kamados and if anyone asks me for advice on charcoal this is where i send them 

Me too. Swore by it for years, especially in my UDS but this new stuff is like a bag of hollow gravel!

9 minutes ago, Ugly Drum Dave said:

Just to add that it is back on offer at B&Q 2x 12kg for £16

Thanks Dave I'll check that out.

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