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Green Mountain Grills (GMG) in the UK - no supply?


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Hi there - does anyone know whether it is possible to source Green Mountain Grills (GMG) in the UK?
I'm totally new at this so have spent some happy evenings researching, and GMG seems to be an excellent candidate at the more affordable/value end of things as Wifi is up there on my list as seems like a real advantage for the newcomer!
At the weekend there were two suppliers listed on the UK distributor site at https://www.greenmountaingrills.co.uk/ but neither had stock (of any model).  I checked in and BBQ Land came back to say that wasn't likely to be temporary (shout out for quick response - thanks).  Since then the site at https://www.greenmountaingrills.co.uk/ has been updated and now says 'This site no longer promotes Green Mountain Grills products in the UK' so it is looking like that door may have closed.
I contacted the U.S. to ask if withdrawing from the UK market but wondered if anyone had any inside info?
If not practical then I'll start a rethink on ideas for alternatives.
From what I've read the 2019 Traeger 575 could also fit the bill although more money, and there seems to be mixed reports on value w.r.t. build quality although I'm keen to hear from you fine people with real world experience rather than random Youtubers.  Finally I don't on principle like the tie-in to Traeger pellets re: warranty if I've understood that correctly.
Many thanks for reading
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1 hour ago, epangelia2k2 said:

Awesome tip-off @valve90210

Situation on when/if new stock not clear, but spoke to John and have hopefully (for me) grabbed the last one of the 'refurb-units'... assuming it is cleared as OK as being run-through as we speak.


Thanks again - a great community

No worries buddy, managed to pick one up myself yesterday which is due to be delivered today :)

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My Davy Crockett arrived yesterday and although i only had a very short amount of time yesterday evening, i gave it a quick test to see if it was working and all seems fine. I'm really looking forward to giving it a test and being able to leave it to do it's own thing while I crack on with my day. 

This evening I'm thinking i might buy a cheap chicken and smoked it just for something to do while i have a builder round! 

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Hi Guys 

Massively late to this conversation so apologies if this has come up somewhere before. This thread just came up when i searched fr GMG grills. 

Ive just seen these offers from Buff BBQ- https://buffbbq.com/ for GMG Grills in the UK. 


Has anyone shopped with these guys before, has anyone got any better pricing anywhere else ? 

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