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Keep the heat in.... WSM jacket?


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Recently added some FireBlack/Lava Lock gasket to my door and lid on my 47cm WSM
Can't believe the difference. The only smoke leak I get now is from the lid mounted (useless!) thermometer.

Might sound crazy but as the whole point of being frugal with our fuel, making the temps stay for longer, means only heating as little as possible.....
Would some kind of 'jacket' be a good idea? I mean you would need access to the door and be able to lift the lid. But surely a jacket to keep the heat in would be a good idea, right? o.O

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Welding jacket sounds like a plan!
I have a specialist place local to me, may pop over for a look. B|

Saying that, I do highly recommend the gasket stuff. Before my lid/body seal would leak smoke; and presumably heat.
Now it takes me 3-4 seconds to FORCE the lid on, making sure it is a perfect seal.

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It isn't always a case of keeping the heat in... Sometimes it is to keep the effects of the sun out. On sunny days the effect on the smoker temperature can be quite marked

Here is a log trace showing the temperature inside the smoker (top line) compared with the outside ambient temperature (bottom line) over the course of a day.


For most of the day the smoker was in the shade but the inside temperature was still a degree or two higher than the outside. But the difference increases significantly when direct sunlight hits the smoker later in the afternoon.

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A great point there @Wade ... Doing a little research on-line, it seems that not specifically the cold but wind plays a huge part of temp control.

Luckily I have a setup in a sheltered corner of the Hardacre Estate, where there is little to no wind or direct sunlight.
People have shown that very cold windless conditions have a negligible effect, where as even a slight/medium breeze can remove the heat at an unbelievable rate!

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