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Cook #2 - Spare Ribs


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Video uploaded here - every view is much appreciated!

I'm back again with my second attempt at making some good American-style BBQ with spare ribs!

I started off with making my own rub (recipe here or down below):

I then applied it to the ribs after trimming the fat and membrane away. I could have added a lot more rub than I did but I was cautious after over-seasoning my beef ribs during Cook #1!

They then went onto my kettle BBQ which was sitting at around 250°F for 3 hours. I sprayed the ribs every hour to prevent them drying out too much.

After 3 hours, I brought them in to wrap. I drizzled honey and sprinkled brown sugar on the foil, placed the ribs meat-side down and then hit it with some more honey and brown sugar. I wrapped them again and they returned to the BBQ for 2 hours (still running between 225°F and 250°F)

After 2 hours, I checked them again and probed them. They were cooked really nicely! I just hit them with a bit of maple syrup (an experiment which I'd highly recommend) before resting for an hour.

Then, the final reveal... As I say in my video, they tasted as good as they looked! If anything, they just needed a bit more flavour in the form of more rub applied at the start but I'll definitely be getting some of these again and will maybe try saucing them next time!


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