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Wiltshire Lardy Cake


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Wiltshire Lardy Cake

For the dough - Makes a 700g dough weight

404g Strong White Bread Flour

257g Cold Water

6g Salt

22g Lard

7g Dried Yeast

4g Dough Improver - (if using)

For the filling

350g Caster Sugar

300g Lard

150g Currants



Pre-heat your oven to 195c.

Make your bread dough as normal. If using the dough improver, you can continue to shape the lardy cake once the dough is made after a short 10 minute rest. Otherwise you'll need to prove your dough for 1 or 2 hours until doubled in size before shaping the lardy cake.

On a floured surface press the ball of dough into a rough rectangle and then roll the dough to approx 50x20cm.

Place approx 100g lard in little pieces all over the dough surface, followed by 50g of currants and a 1/3rd of the sugar.

Now fold the dough in 3 from the shortest side. Fold the top 3rd over the 2nd third, then fold the bottom 3rd over the first 2 thirds.

Seal the edges with the rolling pin, turn 45 degrees and repeat the above step, by rolling and folding 3 times in all and using up all the lard, sugar and currants.

Once you have used everything up and rolled and folded at least 3 times, seal the edges with the rolling pin and if the shape isn't square roll it a bit until you have a rough square.

Line a suitable sized tin with baking parchment and turn the lardy dough over so the smooth side is uppermost and place into the tin.

Prove the lardy cake for approx 1.5hrs or until roughly doubled in size.

Using a very sharp knife or a bread scoring lame, mark a criss cross pattern in the dough and lightly brush with a beaten egg. You can sprinkle sugar on if you want at this stage.
Bake in the oven for approx 35 mins.

Leave to cool completely before removing from the tin as this will allow the lardy cake to absorb all that lard.

Once cooled slice in thick slices as required and either eat cold, or warm gently in the microwave for a few seconds and serve with custard.

Enjoy :)




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