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Hi from Chester-le-Street


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Hi I'm Rick from Chester-le-Street. Always loved cooking on the bbq and having moved over from the CWS Facebook group I'm really looking forward to this forum. 

I have an old Outback kettle, badly in need of replacement as it has a fist sized hole in the base, but after over 10 years of action can't really complain. Also a small Fox smoker - that's the make not the Ginger beastie!  That would be wrong?

Another excuse to play with fire is the Barrel pizza oven I built and posted on the ukwoodfiredovenforum 4 years ago which is how I found the CWS group in the first place. Also excellent for a low slow cook. I built that with a space for a BBQ, so now the Outbacks seen better days I'm looking for something to fit in.

Cheers for now

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HI Rick, welcome to the forum.


Sounds like you have plenty of fun with your cookers.

Would like to see photos of your Barrel Pizza Oven. Always up for a build project.

I have built a Beer Keg Tandoor, Beer Keg Rôtisserie, plus numerous Gas Bottle Builds, including the Smokin Monkey



Smoking Pig








and my my go to Smoker, Table Top Gravity Feed Smoker.



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