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I’ve only been on here a day but I’m already inspired to try something new, Nuts!

Two questions

Do you have a link to the trays you use to cold smoke them?

And would it be a cardinal sin to roast them on the cooker before cold smoking?



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After hours of internet research (what else does one do at work on a Friday?) I had a go at making smoked nuts (cashews and Almonds) this weekend.

I used the method I think musicians call a “mash up” of everything I’d read.

So I soaked them for about 5 mins in a warm brine made with smoked salt.

Roasted them in the oven with a bit of peanut oil and a knob of butter and more salt  @ 150C for about 30mins.. I just kept eating one every 5 mins or so, it was obvious when they were done.

Then in the cold smoker for a small ProQ’s worth of Hickory.

Initial results are very promising, but I’ll vacuum a few small packs up tonight and elicit some non-biased opinions from collegues.

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Sorry for the delay in replying - I was on a Cheese making course this weekend.

Yes that is a good method - just a few suggested tweaks.

  • You don't have to leave them in the brine too long if it is made with smoked salt. Just 15-20 seconds. This stops the nuts from getting soft.
  • Don't add any oil or butter when you are roasting them. Just roast dry and stir the nuts every 7 or 8 minutes to ensure that they roast evenly
  • Be careful not to brown the nuts as they quickly taste burned
  • I then cold smoke mine for 6-8 hours

These perforated stainless trays are perfect for roasting and smoking nuts 

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Only thing i'm a bit confused about is with my method is..

You wet them to help the smoke to stick..  but then Im roasting them in the kitchen oven, so I assume they are fully dried, before they see smoke.

Does that mean I should cold smoke them longer to get the full flavour of the smoke?




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The purpose of wetting them is not to help the smoke stick but to give them an even coating of the smoked salt brine. As the nuts roast the water evaporates and leaves a very fine coating of salt crystals and a base smoke flavour around the nuts. The cold smoking period after the roasting then builds upon the smoke flavors from the brine.

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