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Novice from Bucks


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Hi Pete

The Brisket will do well on the Weber. Have you mastered the temperature control on it using a snake/minion yet?

By controlling the bottom vents you can set a temperature of 110 C and a Weber will maintain that for 6-8 hours on a couple of kilos of good quality briquettes. I use Heat Beads almost exclusively but Nature Coconut briquettes are good too.

The following are not Brisket but they will give you a good idea of the method.

HB Snake2.jpg

HB Pork1.jpg



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That's excellent, thanks Wade. 

The Weber is at my girlfriend's house so I only get to play at weekends at the moment because my work is in the opposite direction to her place :) She's due to move soon too so I am thinking of a brisket or pulled pork to celebrate once she's in the new place :D

I've looked at the snake method. I've yet to experiment with it though. I've got an Inkbird thermometer thing so that'll come in handy :)

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