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No longer in S/Yorks

Chris Froggatt

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Hi folks.... had experience of using my couple of gas (Shock, horror!!) bbqs over a period of almost 8 yrs... Just taken delivery of the Oklahoma Joe Highland rig to truly embark on the road down the charcoal trail tp smoke a "Q" Nirvana.....  Looking for tips, cheats and recipes to aid in this journey to maximise the taste, flavour and experience of another of my hobbies that will go along with my homebrewing...  Cheers all

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Hi Chris and welcome to the forum

There is nothing wrong with coking on Gas so don't abandon it completely. I used to be totally anti-gas until a few years ago when I was challenged to cook identical chickens on both gas and charcoal. The results of each were certainly different but they were both very good. Since then I now include cooking on gas BBQs in my BBQ training courses. One surprising fact though is that it is actually more difficult to finely control the low-and-slow temperatures on gas than it is in a charcoal BBQ.

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