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Drying after curing

Paul C

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I choose to dry my slabs in a fridge prior to smoking but occasionally these remain wet, sometimes becoming wetter than when I put them in there post-curing (I pat them dry after lightly rinsing off as the liquid generated can feel a little slimy). I assume this is due to the sealed environment, it's almost certainly worse the more slabs I load up.

I've considered suspending them in food grade buckets but I can't really see this being a whole lot better due to similar lack of circulation.

Use of a chiller would allow me to continue making bacon through the warmer months and make a better use of my space, I'm thinking of a modified pantry fridge with a PC fan and couple of outflows. I could cover those up when using it for curing and open them for drying, modulating the temperature as required.

Am I overcomplicating this?



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