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Found 2 results

  1. When I was made aware of the Callow smoker I must confess to being a little skeptical. It is being sold for ~£85 and in the pictures it looked quite small. It is being marketed as: I ordered one and 2 days later it was delivered... What was in the box? The smoker was well packed and came in a surprisingly small box. Although it needs to be assembled there are relatively few components and the whole smoker can be assembled within about 20 minutes using only a cross-head screwdriver and a pair of pliers. Unpacking The build quality of the unit is very good and compares favourably with the WSM and ProQ Frontier. The Callow only has a 14" cooking cooking grate though which may restrict using some of the larger cuts of meat. The smoker is only powder coated though and so is unlikely to last as long as some of the more expensive alternatives. The fire basket has plenty of air holes which enabled an even charcoal burn and the bottom and top vents were of good quality which allowed for simple fine temperature control. The positioning of the bottom vents do appear to be a little higher than I would have expected as the top ones of these are above the holes in the fire basket. The water/sand pan was a good distance above the coals with sufficient gap around to give a good heat flow into the cooking chamber One possible negative point was the small air gap around the door when it was closed. However during the temperature profiling this did not appear to cause any problems. Below are pictures of the smoker layers Firing up the Callow I used only 2 Kg of Heat Beads in Minion for the initial test, with hot water in the water tray. With all vents fully open the smoker took about 60 minutes to get up to temperature (100-110 C) by which time the bottom vents were 7/8 closed. Without any adjustments it maintained this temperature for over 8 hours. At one point there was a period of gusty wind that caused the temperature to rise slightly. The following morning when the smoker was taken apart it was clear that the fire had burned evenly and almost completely. Cold Smoking The callow worked very well as a cold smoker using both the AMNPS and the ProQ smoke generators Lid thermometer This was the only part that let the smoker down - however this is a common weak point with many models of smoker. With the thermometer that was originally supplied with the Callow, when the smoker was up to cooking temperature (based upon the measurement from a calibrated Thermadata Smoke, the lid thermometer was indicating a temperature that was 35 C too low. If this thermometer had been used to regulate cooking temperature then this would have resulted in the temperature in the cooking chamber being much too high. This was reported to Callow and they have now sourced alternative, more accurate, lid thermometers which will be supplied with new units shipped. The new thermometers are the same units that are supplied with Weber BBQs and the ones I was sent to test actually had the Weber branding still on them. These proved to be much more accurate when calibrated over boiling water. Summary I was really impressed with both the build quality and usability of the Callow Smoker and would recommend it to anyone starting out smoking or for established smokers who are looking for some inexpensive additional cooking space.
  2. Hi all, I've recently been buying things to get started on my BBQ journey and wanted to start posting reviews of my own to help people out. To start with, I reviewed the Sendowtek Barbecue Thermometer . For under £30, you get a responsive, dual-probe thermometer that connects wirelessly over Bluetooth to an iOS/Android app. It was also sent with a piece of paper detailing how I could get $10 back on my order by e-mailing proof of an Amazon review (which probably explains the amount of 5-star reviews the product currently has). I have posted a summary of the full review below to help people out but if you're interested, you can check out the full review on my site Features Battery-powered, food thermometer with capacity for 6 probes (2 included) Works wirelessly over Bluetooth to provide current temperatures via an app (iOS and Android compatible) The app also allows you to set alarms for when temperatures reach a certain point or drop out of a specified range The thermometer unit also includes a clip and has a magnet to allow easy attachment to most metal surfaces and cookers Verdict The Sendowtek Barbecue Thermometer is a fantastic bit of kit for any home cook. I’m usually the sort of person to pick the ‘best’ gadget, regardless of price, but for once I’m happy I decided to purchase the affordable option as it does everything I need, such as giving quick and accurate temperatures and providing wireless connectivity, but doesn’t break the bank. After a few cooks, I have no doubt that it’s going to last a long while.
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