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  1. Hi, defrost slowly in a fridge in a sealed container so no raw chicken juice can possibly touch anything else. Dry well in kitchen towel then use. The flesh won't have exactly the same texture when cooked as fresh chicken wings but they will still taste good !
  2. Thank you Colin ! Will have a look at the probe and i'm the Oxfordshire area. Cheers
  3. Thank you for this ! My DIY skills are pretty slim ....I'll try to find what people find fit. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you Ice that's appreciated! Slowly getting to grips with the smoker.....Hardest thing so far is reliable fuel, trying a few brands. Think half the battle is having even sized lumps. I like lump wood and find briquettes good for quicker high heat cooking and lump for slower cooks. Practicing with the water reservoir to maintain a good temp for longer times, but struggling to get a long burn with a decent load of fuel, perhaps that's using the water, as I'm reading about. Am adding wood chunks and a good amount of water for the first couple of hours during a longer cook, then tow
  5. Hello, Please can anyone help or advise ? I'd like to get a quality temp probe that will fit through the probe holes on my pro q smoker...........looking for probes that will push through the hole so I can use them, so heat proof cables. My current probe works well but I can't feed it through the holes. Any guidance appreciated. Thanks
  6. OxonSmoker

    Hi To All

    Hello All, Stumbled across this site and it looks like there's lots of people into smoking and loads of help and tips too. Have upgraded to a Pro Q Frontier bullet smoker and starting to get to grips with it! I'm coming up with lots of questions and sure will need some tips, I will try to search and see if I can find previous answers to similar questions before I ask. Looking forward to many hours of meat smoking time.
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