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  1. What’s everybody smoking in??? Outside kitchen? Man cave?? bbq shack..........show us what you got? This is the start of my outside kitchen/shack
  2. I live in South Wales, but I use Rendalls online butchers in Scotland......some great offers and bbq packs on there https://www.onlinebutcher.co.uk/meat-packs/bbq-packs/bbq-banquet-for-20
  3. Just had a quick look at your links.....they maybe a bit chunky for my thuros s1, but I could easily split the chunks down thanks
  4. Where do you guys get your wood from for your smokers??? looking for cherry, apple and plum......I got smoke chips, but looking for bigger chunks for longer que cooks
  5. Any Thuros s1 users on the forum.....
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