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  1. I’m looking for a replacement for exactly the bit you are taking about - if you don’t want/need yours, can I buy it off you?
  2. Ken™️


    Thank you, they were! A bit of an experiment with two different crutch methods, one wrapped in peach paper, the other in foil (with a little bit of braising liquid). It’ll be foil from now on!
  3. Ken™️


    Hello from a small terraced garden in Kew! I’ve been grilling for as long as I can remember (probably about 25 years), but wanted to get into smoking and low-and-slow a few years ago, so bought a cheap offset (Landmann Kentucky). Lockdown has me feeling like I’ve finally outgrown the Landmann after four years, so I’m going to be taking the plunge with a KJ in a couple of months time. I’m quite active on the UK BBQ Reddit forum (as well as some other BBQ-related forums on Reddit) but this is my first time venturing into WSF after being aware of it for years. Be gentle with me! PS herewith some of my favourite cooks on the Landmann since lockdown started.
  4. Hi all, I’ve owned one of these for about four years, after snapping it up in an end-of-summer sale, and have been reasonably happy with it with minimal mods (a £10 roll of gasket tape and that’s about it). It has also been remarkably durable despite me taking minimal care of it... ... ...with one exception. My “part 23” is now absolutely falling apart, and I’m looking to buy a replacement, but want to make sure I’m getting the right bit. Is it the main chamber firebowl? I’m seeing that it’s out of stock in most spare parts stockists, so can anyone suggest an alternative to replace it if I can’t get my hands on one? (I’m not much for manufacturing, but a little bit of modding a different off-the-peg part would be okay if necessary) Thanks all.
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