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  1. Hi, i have a couple of steaks in the freezer maybe my next challenge, did my first ribs yesterday ,took about 7 hours in all to reach the 190-205F internal temps, i had trouble with placing the thermometer in the right place in the ribs so as not to place in fat or near the bone which is sometimes tricky cooking ribs but turned out really good, was impressed for my 1st try
  2. yes i may have a look and get the drill out and see what i can do, going to bookers this morning gonna get me a box of the meaty ribs and have a go at them 🙂 going to look on here for methods/temp etc.
  3. Hi Mikey thinking about it does the 2 probes fully fit (whole of the probe) through the side probe holes so as to feed the wire inside the smoker to whatever rack you are using if that makes sense ,stupid as it sounds i didnt check to be honest!, i have the "smoke thermoworks"
  4. Hi, yes it does but i had the beer can chicken on the top rack so the meat temp probe was below the rack (if using the probe holes) also the temperature probe fits loosely in the bottom probe hole and doesn't seem secure so i used the probe clip and sat that on the top rack next to the chicken.
  5. turned out nice and moist, really impressed!, first time using the "smoke" thermometer and read up the cables dont like to be pinched between 2 hot surfaced so i cut a little nik into the lid just wide enough to hold the 2 cables.
  6. Hi, i went for this one, doesn't hold a coke can, just pour liquid in, does the job. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BARBECUE-BBQ-BEER-CAN-CHICKEN-ROASTER-VERTICAL-CHICKEN-GRILL-COOK-STAND-HOLDER/173981549767?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  7. Tez

    fire tape

    Hi people, i have done my 1st mod today by applying fire tape to the door, it looks like a good seal but the proof will be in the cooking later this afternoon!, upon closing the door and looking from the top there seemed to be a slight gap so i applied some more tape along the top (on top of the 1st layer of tape) so we shall see how she holds up 🤞
  8. Yea lol, dont wanna get that the wrong way round!
  9. same, i just throw mine on the fruit trees, supposed to be really good for rhubarb also. oh wait i think that was the soot of the coal fire as the old gentleman next door used to ask me for the soot to put on his rhubarb and it grew really good!
  10. Hi, it went really good, both were tender and had nice smokey flavour to them so was impressed, going to do coka cola chicken on Saturday as I bought me a stand to sit the chicken on, also gonna check out the new "smoke thermometer" so i can sit here with a nice cold one while keeping an eye on the temps 🙂 also bought some fire tape to seal the door a bit better.
  11. thanks for the advice i may have to get some of that gasket stuff, i am going to do my 1st cook today so will see how the temps hold today,( the manual says for low n slow try maintain a heat of around 110-120c), just some shop bought marinated chicken wings/drumsticks along with some plain chicken breasts just to see the flavour difference with neutral meat.
  12. Hi, thanks for that, makes more sense now,.. i just ordered that SMOKE WIRELESS BARBECUE THERMOMETER was so impressed with the reviews it got, just on with the curing process, the manual said put about 1kg of briquettes in the fire bowl and spray internal drum/grills with oil and so i did and had all vents open and seemed to not have enough caols to get higher temp, so added a few more and piled them up like a pyramid, seems to be better and stayed at around 170c probably get a lot hotter using the fire basket full of coals but hey was only curing it for the 1st time, i see some people say n
  13. thanks, so the long probe can be stuck into the meat or joint say to check internal temperature of the meat from within the probe holes and short one for lower probe hole, but i guess both long and short probes tell internal cooking temperature of the smoker? Thanks.
  14. was looking at this also but not sure do both probes (long and short one) measure inside temps ? https://thermapen.co.uk/bbq-barbecue-thermometers/111-smoke-wireless-barbecue-thermometer.html added pro thermopen to basket also 🙂
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