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  1. It all worked out in the end and the result was delicious!
  2. On your sound advice I've started with a chicken (or two). BUT I can't seem to get the temperature up high enough. It just sits there just below 100°C. Is this because I don't have the correct charcoal? I have restaurant grade but it did come from Sainsbury's so may not be good enough. Or is it too much water int he tray? Or What is it?? I'm an hour in so plenty of time to recover before I have to put the buggers in the oven!
  3. Just bought my first smoker (ProQ Frontier) following a fantastic meal cooked by a friend. But I realise I know nothing so thought it best to join a group that can hopefully teach me a thing or two! 😊 I'm going to try to smoke a little venison this weekend to try out my new toy. If anyone has any tips they are gratefully received!
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