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  1. Yes thanks. I have a pit boss navigator 850 which I’m loving makes brisket a breeze.
  2. First proper cook and the pellet smoker tomorrow. Doing a full brisket( just one from the local butcher). I have all the gear and no idea tho lol. I have a injector butcher paper and string. 4-5 kg brisket Planning on dirty cow rub with beef stock injection and cooking at 110c. Any advice on what temp to wrap and when to pull would be welcomed along with any other tips. Thanks
  3. I’ve ordered the pitboss 850 navigator from fire and food BBQ store. I’m getting the smoker and cover with 4 bags of free pellets £784. the smoker has 5 years warranty which Is great. Fire and food deal with all the warranty claims which is good to know.(thanks to sotv for saying to ask that question). cant wait for Wednesday when it gets delivered now. Thanks Nigel
  4. I’ve been looking at the pit boss navigator range and the Louisiana 900. sadly my budget just won’t reach to the heights of Weber and top of the range models. looking to spend about £800 in total. I’ve have looked at the masterbuilt GravityFed charcoal models but worried about the report poor build quality and the size not been big enough. I’m currently sat with the pit boss 850 navigator in my basket. But it’s a lot of money to spend and I don’t want to regret my decision in a months time Thanks
  5. Hi guys having now started to get to grips with my offset, I’m looking to extend the range with a pellet smoker. Problem is which one! I don’t want to empty the bank but at the same time don’t want to regret the one I buy. any advice welcome thanks
  6. It’s is the Cosmo mate. Have a beef brisket to do next but short ribs is on my list.
  7. I’ve done a leg of lamb today. Think I might have a problem lol
  8. First cook of ribs in the new off set was very good. The only thing I will change next time is the rub( it was a bit on the spice side for my liking). tomorrow I will be doing a leg of lamb any advice and tips would be appreciated thanks larry
  9. It’s here put it together done a few mods such as gasket on the doors sealed The smoke stack and fire pit. Few little things left to seal that I have noticed while seasoning it tonight.
  10. I have ordered the pro smoke BBQ gasket from Amazon. I have one of the cookers in my camping stuff so one last thing to buy lol thanks ice
  11. Lol thought it might be a bit early for the meat! Lol i have thought of 3 more things I will need overnight tho lol. bbq cover charcoal start chimney a cable entry port for the probs
  12. Thanks. I’m looking forward too the learning and trying all the different methods.
  13. Offset smoker ordered!!! Along with everything I think I need so far the goes cosmogrill offset Smoker sealant fire rope toggle clamp gloves BBQ tools inkbird 4 probe thermometer Charcoal oak and Apple log/chunks please tell me I haven’t missed anything! cant wait for it all to get here now Larry
  14. I’ve ordered the cosmogrill from Amazon. All the stuff to make the mods needed. Just need to find so nice rubs ( not a huge fan of hot and spicy) wood and meat now. oh and put the thing together. thanks for the help guys
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