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  1. Hi All Novice Question I have a sick mature Plum tree that has required a major trim I therefore have a fair few kg of wood Can i use this to smoke ina few months or shoul i put it on the wood burner pile Any thoughts please Andy
  2. Sorry for 1st quote. Newbie error Can i ask how much 50\50 mix you would use for 1kg side of Salmon. Andy
  3. Looks Good Going to try the Slaw over the bank holiday weekend Out of interest, where do you source your mesquite chunks Andy
  4. Thank you all for the help and advice Very much appreciated from a novice Andy
  5. Hi Can anyone recommend a vac pack machine Needs to be able to take loins of pork pork shoulder and belly pork for curing Many thanks Andy
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    Hi All

    New member here Enthusiastic beginner best describes me. I've done the basics , smoked chicken breasts, chicken wings etc but my attempts at smoked streaky bacon and pulled pork where a bit of a non event. I live in Warminster Wiltshire, so have added my name to the south west group, living so close to a major forestry, you would think they would sell smoking wood!!!! Quite lucky with charcoal,rubs etc being 45 minutes from Whitehall garden centre in Chippenham. I can source meat at wholesale prices as i deal with Abattoirs for my dog food, downsize is you have to buy in bulk Im looking forward to reading as much as i can on here and any help/advice would be appreciated, as im looking to purchase a cacumn packer I have WSM 47 Landman barrel smoker - purchased cheap but find it so easy to use Bradley Original Smoker Andy
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