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  1. I am going o make my own rub for sure ... just want to buy main ingredients in bulk , have a play in small scale with balance. His today’s smoke on the Jumbo Joe Platinum - Haunch of Muntjac
  2. Hey Ice , thanks and that’s what I’m going to do. I just needed something for some pork steaks on Sunday. Any idea where to get celery seeds and onion powder ? Think they are an American thing
  3. Hi Smokin Monkey , That was my error. I saw something about being closed to new recipients but I think it was talking about past viewers ? Now sorted. I’m after something for pork and chicken so will give that firefly a try. Any suggestions ? That Memphis looks good !
  4. Hello All , I can see this has been a topic before but the old thread is not open to new members. I just purchased some Traeger rub from a garden centre for 9.95 .... ouch . Are there other rubs at a better price , UK origin ? or is this par for the course(ly) (ground salt and pepper ). thanks , Chris
  5. Thankyou all for the welcome !
  6. Hi All, Just getting back into smoking after a long while off. Had my WSM since 2002 which I refurbed last year (cause I love it ) and then put it away again for another 12 months. Things are settling and I’m hoping to do some great cooks this year. My childhood was full of hickory smoked pig roasts and I want to recreate the magic. Looking to pick up tips and tricks and good local intel on rubs , wood , and briquettes.
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