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  1. I advice to read this buying guide if you're interested in above the mid-tier models, check it out 😉
  2. I've seen this model when I read this review, it's price range were at $120-150, it's fine on the first glance, but this is out of my budget, I'd find cheaper options with the same functional.
  3. Do you have a budget/price in mind that you would like to spend? At least check this review if you want to read more about smokers!
  4. I mostly use a 16cm Kai Shun Santoku in the kitchen, I bought a Kai sharpening guide http://www.hocho-knife.com/kai-shun-stainless-steel-deluxe-knife-sharpening-guide-rail-dh5268/ which I use in conjunction with the whetstone.I'm sure the pros can do it all by eye but at least the guide allows me to sharpen at the correct angle.
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