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  1. I was thinking of getting a big plastic pet food container for them, and I can just get a big scoop to shovel them into the hopper when I need. The container would be getting stored inside the house as well to keep them from getting any moisture exposure... Just one question though, what do you do with the pellets that are left in the hopper? How long can they be left in there between uses without causing any problems? I'll keep the really good cover on it of course.
  2. Five bags for £27, so I just gave him 30 and he got me a damaged bag for free. Couldn't complain! The grill barely fit in the car though! The boxes in Costco never look as big as they really are 😂😂😂
  3. So just went today and got my LG900 and 6 bags of pellets. Gotta go get ready for work now so I won't be putting it together till tomorrow 😭 Thanks everyone for the info on pellets!
  4. Omg £13? I'm gonna have to check them out! Thanks!
  5. What jacket did you get? I read that any welding blanket that covers it will work just fine. They can be found for £10-£15 online as well...
  6. I would like to cook them for longer, probably about 3 hours or so, but the grill I have at the minute will only hold 140-150°c so they are done before 2 hours. I'll be getting the pellet smoker soon though so I can adjust temps and cooking times to get them 'fall apart' cooked.
  7. Are those the lil devils pellets? Are they any good? It's either those or the traeger hickory pellets I'm gonna be getting.... I'll probably be trying both... Process for the pig candy... Remove skin from pork belly, cut into fat cubes (ish), coat in a rub of garlic powder, onion powder, hot smoked paprika, cumin, salt&pepper, cayenne pepper, and a pinch of msg. then cooked for 1.5 hours on the kettle, all over to one side with all the coals over to the other side with two chunks of hickory wood for smoke. Rotate them on the grill after 40 minutes so they have equal exposure to the heat. Then in a foil tray add honey, brown sugar, and apple juice, mix till the sugar is dissolved, add the tray over the coals, add the pork pieces and boil down till it's a caramelised sweet sticky gooey mess.
  8. Average price I've seen for this is £899 and is currently priced in Costco for £575, or £584 on the website (I'm assuming for delivery... https://www.costco.co.uk/Barbecues-Smokers/Louisiana-Grills-900-Series-Electric-Wood-Pellet-Grill-And-Smoker-Cover/p/1900767
  9. I agree this method should work. The trick is to prevent air flow through the foil, as this will allow flame, and if all you are after is smoke, this should prevent an oxygen supply to it, and just let the smoke out. I would say try and compress it as much as you can though, as this will help it smoke longer by removing as much air from between the shavings as possible.
  10. Hi all, been stuck so far this year with a cheap 47cm kettle from Tesco while I wait for the right deal to show up, and I've found it! A Louisiana Grills LG900 pellet grill. I've had some great ribs, sausages and burgers on the kettle using BGE hickory chunks for smoke, but now I've found the right pellet smoker, it's on to bigger and better things!!! Can't get a steady temp in the kettle below 150° so everything is cooked in about an hour. Here's a little picture of some pork belly chunks I did not long ago. Hopefully soon I'll be sharing a lot more of my smoking goodness with you all!
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