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  1. Yep, that looks exactly like mine, and a lot of others by the looks of it. Definitely appears more a manufacturing issue than anything else.
  2. Little update... I've pushed them to £75 off. Covering the crack with ceramic paint will not affect warranty. They said it's all in my notes so it's all in writing. I can also use it for 60 days with a no-quibble refund if I have a change of mind, that's standard apparently, so anyone with damaged ones can test it out. I said I'll let them know next week if I'll keep it. I did try get £100 since @Airtime0007 mentioned they had offered that, but they wouldn't budge.
  3. Yeah I think I need to ring again and get them to confirm that too. At first it seemed great, but now it seems iffy without further clarification.
  4. I did look a Kettles, but it seemed like the Kamado was better for the low and slow 8-12 cook, without need for much intervention. I guess the short term ones are due to using cheaper materials, so eventually they will give up, unlike the KJ and BGE with their lifetime warranties.
  5. If it cracks because of that issue then they will refund the rest of the cost, so if in 1 year it breaks, I'll get my money back. I don't know how they'd determine it was from the arrival damage, but it just seems like a no-question refund right now because the damage as been logged on my order.
  6. Just had this from Aldi: They just told me I can test the Kamado, and if there are no issues, I can continue using it with a partial refund of £50. If there is an issue because of it within those 3 years, they will refund the rest to the full amount. I'm now tempted to keep the Kamdo at the value of £300, if it breaks within 3 years, full collection and refund. This appears a win-win situation? Who knew buying a Kamado could be so stressful.
  7. Be curious to know also, and if it is worth that bit extra. I've read about fireboxes cracking, which they replace. I knwo this puts it 2.5x the price of the Aldi one, so it is a big jump, given that probably a lot of people (including myself) wanted it to get started in the Kamado world, before dropping a large amount of money on it.
  8. I've seen a KJ classic, with the D&C system and newer firebox for £869. ~ £300 more you get the lifetime KJ warranty, over the 1 year with the Goose. Tough decision now!
  9. They offered me £50 first time, they spoke to management first. I asked if they can do more and she said no, I was considering it but after further inspection, it's a no go.They'd have to offer me £200 to keep it as it is 😂 It's on the right hand side of the lid on mine. I'm almost certain mine is not damaged by the courier, as it was wrapped up well without damage. I think I'll go Wild Goose too, only downside is it's a 1 year warranty. Anything to worry about there?
  10. I think I'll take the refund over keeping it for £50, it looks more concerning than first appeared.
  11. @Justin That's what my worry is, a crack that's not possible to see, but could very well surface after a few goes. La Hacienda already told me they don't have a replacement part for the dome so if it breaks, it's a goner, nothing Aldi could do about it. Doubtful Aldi would refund if it did break, especially when it's logged on my order as I've contacted them. I took a better inspection of mine, attached a better pic of the crack. It almost looks like it's been damaged, filled in, and covered up. Anyone have any thoughts?
  12. I'm going to re-check the damage on mine to see if I can figure out if there's more damage than it looks before deciding on keeping it. It will definitely need sealing, like @Smokin Monkey said. Really frustrating.
  13. Update from Aldi, they said they'll arrange a refund, and I mentioned a good will gesture, which they came back with £50, so £300 for a chipped Kamado. It is cheap (well, for a Kamado), but is it worth the risk of the chip? 🤔
  14. This is the response I got from La Hacienda: Not very reassuring. I don't know if it is in "sound" condition or not. I mean, it looks it, but I don't know whatever caused that damage has any underlying issue that's not visible at the moment. With no more stock, a new one wouldn't be possible so it's either live with the chip and hope for the best, or find a different one. Waiting on a response from Aldi still.
  15. Hi all, Just another damaged Aldi Kamado coming through! Looks very similar to others posted in this thread. Looks superficial, but still, it still shouldn't be arriving damaged. Can't get anyone on the phone right now so will try again in the morning. @liam What number did you ring? I tried about 15 mins ago and just got cut off.
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