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  1. Hi guys and thanks for the response. As far as gas bottles go for a firebox, I'm after something a bit more substantial. I've been on the mentioned website before and found it very useful. Basically I need about a 500mm cube as my firebox. About the same size as a decent stove!! Bolting it to the cooking chamber is a good idea as I've got a mate who said don't even bother trying to weld it, especially if it's old. I'll keep my eye out, it could double up as a hotplate for my frying pan!! Endless cooking possibilities...
  2. Hi everyone. I recently purchased a 200L Air compressor tank from ebay with a view/dream of building an offset smoker. My question is about the firebox. Does it have to be fabricated out of steel?? Or will an old cast iron woodburning stove do the job if it was connected/welded to the cooking chamber correctly?? And obviously if it was the correct size for my size chamber. TIA
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