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  1. If its the same one as last year, it will include the 2nd level cooking grill and ceramic heat deflector so you'll have some extra space and don't need to go spending on accessories. If the larger Morrisons one doesn't appear again, this might have to be the one for me!
  2. Sounds about the right money, take some photos when it's done!
  3. I spoke to the manager again today, they're having problems picking it up as it's off the pallet and in my shed, and the courier company they use won't take it without it being securely strapped up to the pallet and wrapped. They've got someone who can do it but it's a case of waiting until they happen to be in the local area so they can strap it all up, wrap it and take it away on the pallet. In light of this, I quoted a bit of consumer rights law and they have refunded me before collecting it as they are not sure when it will be collected, so that is good of them.
  4. Agreed on the Aldi & Morrisons ones last year being a better deal. Those came round in May last year so I imagine the same or similar deals will come round again soon, especially as they sold like hot cakes. I'm going to hold out for one of those I think, plus with supermarkets at least there are local stores which I can take it back to if there is a problem. If you aren't happy with it, call them and have them come take it back and refund you. You're well within your rights due to the size thing. Especially as by the time you put some extra grates and a deflector in, you're probably close to the same money as one of these which is bigger to begin with and comes with it all: https://www.costco.co.uk/Garden-Sheds-Patio/Barbecues-and-Firepits/Charcoal-Wood-Barbecues/Louisiana-Grills-24-60-cm-Ceramic-Kamado-Charcoal-Barbecue-Black/p/1900736
  5. I think the size thing was just an honest mistake they made on their website, how they handled it is something else. I thought about mentioning the forum but figured no point trying to stir the pot as they still have my money and clearly aren't afraid of being shady. Don't want them to collect it and come up with something like "oh you've chipped it, we aren't refunding you!" I was considering keeping it, but if they're willing to be underhanded, I worried what would happen if it cracked 3 months down the line and I needed to make a warranty claim.
  6. It doesn't have any accessories other than the main cooking grill, but they didn't say they're included so no problem there. Its a rebranded Auplex Kamado for info. It is smaller than advertised, they advertised it on the website with a 53cm cooking grill but it turns out its 46cm. I wanted something with alot more room than my little WSM so I spoke to them and asked to return it, They checked the website and said "yes I can see it says 53cm cooking grill on the website so thats fine you can return it as its our error, just ship it back to us." I pointed out that postage on a kamado would be a little bit expensive and I shouldn't be paying that out of my pocket for their error so they said they will call me back. They went and changed the website to say 46cm, had a manager call me who said the website listed 46cm all along, insisted the website has not been changed and that its not their problem. If I wanted to return it, I have to arrange and pay for my own shipping. Bloody cheeky. Luckily I had a screenshot from before they changed it to prove otherwise or I would have been shafted. I emailed the screenshot to them, they've called me back, apologised and said i was looking at a "different part of the site" or something (not sure how that works as I'm looking at the page they changed!) but have now agreed to collect it. KeyLargo (or anyone else who bought one), if you decide to return it and end up needing the screenshots as proof, here you go.
  7. Apparently mine is getting delivered tomorrow!
  8. Thanks for the heads up, it's a great price. I bought one too. .. 3-5 days for delivery they reckon so should hopefully have it next week!
  9. Let me know what price you can get it for please
  10. I did go and have a gander, they look good but would be nice to hear from someone who owns one, most things look good in the pictures!
  11. If you can get a landmann kamado and theyre decent and decently priced, id be up for jumping in if thats ok
  12. Ahdinko


  13. Yeah i did wonder if you would get a better deal on the postage if you upped the quantity, id assume for something that large and heavy it would come by boat though so it would be long waits and would probably need to fill a shipoing container to get a deal. Thats alot of kamados to try and group buy! Hopefully another UK retailer does a similar deal to the Aldi one, i know Morrisons did the same one but slightly larger a few weeks ago but ive missed that one too it seems, shame as these kamados look like decent bits of kit for the money
  14. Looks like i missed the boat on the aldi kamados, i checked out the chinese sites you mentioned but struggling to find anything for a reasonable price, most of them want $500 for the kamadao and that much again for the shipping, when you add import fees/tax its cheaper to go buy a kamado joe. Is it still possible to get one for around the money of the aldi one?
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