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  1. Judging by all the reports on here it would seem that the usual Chinese drop off in quality after initial production has struck again. I can only remember the odd breakage in transit last year
  2. It was a small Boston Butt. About 2 8 kg. Turned out pretty well after about 8 hrs. Should of perhaps wrapped it in foil and gave it another 2 hrs but all turned out pretty good
  3. As a matter of fact in use today
  4. Mine has been on the go for a year now. And all good so far after plenty of use.
  5. Have fun with your purchase guys. Until I got my Aldi one last year I was struggling with a Joe Junior. Although not huge so much more real estate to play with. 2nd rack is a bonus
  6. Hi yes I picked one up and for the price point it’s great. Grill is 16.5”. Grates are decent quality as is cover. Any specifics post them and I’ll try to answer
  7. I may be of interest that at the moment Steve Raichlen’s Barbecue Bible is available on Kindle at £1.89. A bit America centric but a decent reference tome. I found his Barbecue World book started me with the bug many years ago
  8. I’ve hot smoked salmon without any lasting fishy pongs. Good high burn should do the trick
  9. That could be handy for us with non big name units?
  10. See if you can pick up a cheap 12” pizza stone in the interim. Might last long enough till you get a replacement. The one supplied looks like one anyway.
  11. I always stick a foil drip pan under every slow cook as most slow cooks involve something with a fair amount of fat inherent in the meat. Learned the hard way with some cremated short ribs ?
  12. Well it looks like a perfect weekend to try it out. Been running a little Joe Junior for a few years and have got to know how to get where I need to temp wise. Looks like I’ll have relearn on this one. Although not such a steep learning curve this time around. If you need a few pointers the Kamado Joe site has loads of videos by a guy called John Setzler. Found him really useful
  13. Sounds like I was trouble free compared to you. No breakages and everything bolted together ok . Have just run for 3 hrs on 200 for a bit of a burn off , won’t do a cook probably till weekend, but all in all well pleased.
  14. Got a couple of years experience with my Joe Junior. Will just be able to scale up
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