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  1. What a fantastic prize for the photo competition with some suprise extras added. Many thanks to Wade and Steve. The smoked almonds are amazing and I will have a go at these myself First two cures under way. The first a loin with just cure and a little sugar and the second belly with Wades Pepper seasoning. Roll on next Saturday when they can come out of the bags and start the equalising and smoking process Must get a system in place to make sure I have product at all stages as I have unforgivably ran out of Home cured bacon!!! Many thanks once again for the brilliant prize
  2. Almost as expensive as BBQ
  3. I do and various model planes. Been load of flyaways over Christmas as people try them out. Make sure the GPS has a lock before taking off and it should come back also get insured via BMFA these drones can do some damage Cheers mark
  4. Wow delighted to have been chosen. My second bacon cure and smoke and I am truly hooked. The eggs were from a small farm just 2 miles away from me free range and I see the flock each time I collect some. Minimum food miles and high quality I gave the farmer some of my smoked bacon last weekend so he could try real bacon and eggs Many thanks Mark
  5. mark70

    Mark70 - Breakfast

    Home cured smoked bacon and free range eggs Happy with my second attempt at curing and Smoking bacon
  6. mark70

    Making my own ham

    That’s fantastic Wade. Strangely I am thinking of using a loin to make ham!!! My wife loves ham from the local Co op which comes as a platter and looks like loin, just the centre round bit. It’s quite expensive and I would get loads of brownie points if I could make my own even better off to buy the injector now Thanks once again
  7. mark70

    Making my own ham

    Guys first journeys into curing have gone well. Smoked Salmon all gone and my first try at smoked bacon also successful. Second loin currently curing and will be ready for Christmas morning A salmon will be cured mid week for Christmas dinner starter my only disappointment was smoked cheese which dried out and cracked. Wade suggested I smoked it too long so I will try again with a shorter smoke So ready for my next try ham. I want to use a loin so do I just cure as I would bacon and hot smoke until cooked? Is it really that simple? Thanks Mark
  8. mark70

    The madness begins

    Not sure Wade. Maybe 12 hours? The instructions with the ProQ say 2 burns of 12 hours. It said the same for the Salmon but I found 12 hours plenty
  9. mark70

    The madness begins

    Ok not a total success but nice all the same. Cheese had dried out a bit too much. It had cracks in coming off the smoker. Shall try a shorter smoke next time as hinted at by Wade. Saying that still nice smoked taste with Chilli jam and a nice glass of chilian Sauvignon smoked salmon a success though bacon should be cured by Friday and I will smoke half of it Sunday with a bit of luck any suggestions welcome
  10. mark70

    The madness begins

    It’s in the fridge settling hoping to try some later tonight smoked salmon came out well after 12 hours. Pleased so far.
  11. mark70

    The madness begins

    First go with the csg. Piece of cheddar and butter in the Joe. Going to try the butter for 4 hours and the cheese for 6. So far so good. If this goes well half a side of salmon goes on tonight
  12. Smoke Wood Shack http://www.smokewoodshack.com/smokewood-shack-plank-store
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