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  1. Sprig


    Oh!!! Thanks so so much. I'll be doing so and I'll keep you posted to how I get on. Nothing worse than expectations not being met, I always rather deal with recommended businesses.
  2. Sprig


    Hi Wade! Slightly off topic but I'm so excited. I drove from London to Scotland to pick up a Oaklahoma Joe Highland. It's in brilliant condition. What I wanted to ask you was who can you recommend to me as good vendor of wood splits and hardwoods in general? Refuse to use my smoker until I find a good source 🤣
  3. Sprig


    YB Thanks for the background Wade. Pleasure to converse with the man himself. This is a great place 😊
  4. Unfortunately it's a 3rd party drop shipper. After adding to cart link takes you to Amazon and it's currently unavailable. Messaged Wilson's Barbecue on his tube channel and he told me set up up notifications with Wayfair and a couple of others. To which I did and Wayfair state they will restock 1st October 2021
  5. Thank you! I'll check em out ...excited !
  6. Sprig


    Believe me it's a worthy purchase ...it's more to do with recipes, how to work with the meats, cutting etc and and wealth of recipes for marinates and rubs but the content it has on outdoor cooking in general is more than enough.
  7. Sprig


    Thank you so much for this. I think with the offset I want the challenge of fluctuating temps and maintain consistency. I always only thought grilling was BBQ until I learn't BBQ is more than that by a long shot. I've exhausted most videos and channels on the tube and itching to get cooking varieties of meats. I went to Harvester and ordered their smoked Brisket. I sent it back to the kitchen, it was clear it wasn't smoked and challenged them to prove to me it had been smoked for 12hrs. There's was no bark nothing and resembled and medallion! They promptly removed it from my bill! I've taken notes of certain points you made going forward when considering my purchase. You've been a great help and can it hope you don't randomly disappear in the coming months. This forum in general seems like a ghost town with very few recent posts, it did make me wonder.
  8. Well! Well! Well! I like the response backed up with credible information. Seems like Melissa Cookston has been sadly mistaken! Thank you for that. Btw what unit do you use! You sound like you'd have several!!!
  9. Sprig


    Wow!!! Thanks for this information. I know nothing else apart from the Oaklahoma Joe Highland Smoker, just because I've heard so much about it. If I'm able to fine a reputable alternative here in the UK I'll be over the moon. I'll have a look at your link now. I do know that the OJHS has a metal thickness of 2.5mm so anything that and beyond should hold steady when it comes to heat. I'll check the Pro Q Frontier also. Many thanks.
  10. Sprig


    Thanks for the link to your smoker. I've never come across Tower as I'm hell bent on a offset smoker but there is a place in my heart for a Bullet Smoker. I want several types of units by the tile I'm finished. 🤣
  11. Sprig


    Checking out your link now. I'm using a cruddy barrel BBQ £80 from Argos I've been cooking jerk chicken 3x a week perfecting my cook and recipe for about a year. I'm.there now and want a offset smoker to move onto joints of meat. I've added a book that may interest you.
  12. There is a series on Netflix, called American Barbecue Showdown, one of the judges is Melissa Cookston, 7 time World Champion Pit Matser.
  13. Got to give it to you man, you're a beast! 💪
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