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  1. Has anyone got any recommendations for a good thermometer for smoking. Looking for something to remotely check the temperature (bluetooth or WiFi connected). I want a 4 probe thermometer so I can sense the air temperature and two meats in my WSM. I'm currently considering: - Weber Connect - Thermoworks Signals - MEATER+ - Inkbird IBT-4XS Does anyone have any experience with either of these and can provide some feedback?
  2. I tried this yesterday took the temperature to 205f. Wrapped in foil around 144f and it was tender and pulled apart. I used the same rub i have used many times so now need to find a great rub for it. Thanks for the temperature recommendation.
  3. Can anyone recommend a good recipe for smoked pulled pork shoulder/butt? I've been struggling to get it smoked nicely so it pulls apart with ease and is tender. I've been able to get good results with a beef brisket with a salt and pepper rub. I've been using bbq style rub but it has not been fantastic this has just normally been applied straight to the meat joint. The last shoulder/butt I smoked was wrapped up in foil when the temperature was about 62c (145f) and left to rest at about 90c (145f). Has anyone got any recommendations to try and improve this?
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