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  1. Hi Ken thanks for the response. I have done the modifications suggested such use fire rope around the doors and lids (sill need to do the side of the main chamber) and I have silicon-ed all the over seams so like you say I think it is just a case of trial and error. I was going to get a Boston butt and do some pulled pork as I heard its quite hard to mess up (although I'll probably manage it!) but need some good weather to align itself with when I have 6-8 hours of time to dedicate. I think I will struggle with knowing when to add more logs/charcoal to the firebox but I guess that is all part of the learning curve!
  2. Cheers Ice, where did you get your tuning plates?
  3. Hi guys. So fired up my Landmann Kentucky yesterday for the first time to season it and try to get to grips with a smoker as I have never used one before. To start with I sprayed the inside with vegetable oil and put about half a chimney of briquettes in the firebox with the lid open and the cook chamber lid also open. Once the heavy smoke had dissipated I closed both lids and left the side door and chimney cover fully open. I had a probe at the fire box end (215C) and one below where the chimney is (98C) so had a temperature difference of 117C across the cook chamber. I let this pretty much run hot for the seasoning. How do you guys control this when cooking? Has anyone used baffles to try and even the range? Also not sure how much charcoal I should be using to start as I currently have wood chips but think I'm going to move on to logs and just use charcoal for the bed. After the seasoning process I tried a chicken wing recipe from mad scientist BBQ YouTube channel where you boil the wings for 7 mins then transfer into smoker at 375F and cook for 20 mins or when the wings reach internal temp of 185F. I struggled to get the chamber to 375F (think highest I got was 340F but I think I just didn't have enough fuel) and wings internal was only 157F so I finished them off by grilling them in the firebox and turned out ok. Will try a cheap joint next before I move on to ribs/brisket. Any advice is welcome and appreciated and apologies for the wall of text!
  4. Cheers guys, I ordered some oak chips from Amazon for the mean time to get me started but will also check out Smokewoodshack and get some different 'flavours' Weather looks pretty terrible here for the next week or so but once it clears up I will get it fired up and let you know how I get on. Edit: My Inkbird IBT-4XC just arrived so that should give me something to play with until the sun comes out!
  5. Cheers Ice, good idea with the chicken wings too! What type of wood do you recommend to get? If there is anything on amazon you know of I will order it together with the chimney starter. Matt
  6. Hi All, I'm (relatively) new to the forums, I have met a couple people already who have been very helpful. I received my Landmann Kentucky offset last week and assembled it over the weekend, I have read the large thread with regards to the smoker I have so I am awaiting my stove rope for the recommended mods. I have a fair gap (2-3mm) around the chimney joint to the main lid so was looking for a sealant and found this https://shop.vitcas.com/heat-resistant-silicone-sealant-310ml.html if anyone has any comments or suggestions? Should I also invest in a charcoal chimney starter that I have seen a few people mention? Also I have heard people talk about 'seasoning' their smokers, I assume it doesn't involve salt and pepper but is it something that is recommended? Inkman thermometer is also on the way so hope to give it a test run when the weather decides to behave itself, did plan on just trying to maintain temp without any meat involved so will see how that goes. All the best, Matt
  7. Thanks Tedmus, I'm going to pickup a Inkbird IBT-4XC on amazon which has a 20% off voucher at the moment
  8. Hi all, I'm fairly new to the forum (have spoken to Ice before) and smoking in general! I have a Landmann Kentucky offset arriving on Thursday along with some materials for the suggest modifications. I'm after some recommendations for a good wireless/Bluetooth thermometer so I can hopefully do a test drive to figure out how to work an offset and maintain temperatures! Thanks in advane
  9. @Icefever Smoker arrives on Thursday and I'm about to order the stove rope, can you recommend a sealant if it is required? Hoping to get it built either this weekend or next and then will try out a test run with no meat just to learn how to control temperature. Cheers
  10. Thanks again Ice, your google clearly behaves better than mine! I will get that ordered. Do you remember how much and what stove rope you used? I seem to remember on the other thread that someone mentioned using self adhesive ones rather than use silicon to apply it. Cheers, Matt
  11. Me again! The site that I saw the Landmann for sale is now sold out (people getting ready for summer I suppose!) I have found two other smokers at a similar price point on wayfair: https://www.wayfair.co.uk/garden/pdp/tepro-biloxi-offset-bbq-pit-barrel-smoker-tepr1300.html https://www.wayfair.co.uk/garden/pdp/symple-stuff-tennessee-offset-charcoal-smoker-u000653770.html Does anyone have any views on these, do they seem 'too cheap'? I would assume that the mods carried out on the Landmann Kentucky would apply to these too so maybe I could make them work? Thanks again.
  12. Hi Ice, Yes I think that was the thread I found on google that lead me here actually! I think I will take the plunge and get myself some of that fire rope and try not to make too much of a hash of it! Stay tuned for more newbie questions 😀 Thanks again
  13. Hi All, I'd like to get into smoking and have been looking for an entry level offset smoker. So far on my searches the Landmann Kentucky smoker and Chargriller pro have came up. I'm looking to spend around £200-300 but open to suggestions from you more seasoned smokers (pun intended). Thanks in advance.
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