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  1. yes, that is correct. but I use the Kamado with minimal air gaps. generator lasts 18 hrs or more.
  2. wrote the reply and looks like not posted... I bought 125L one from amazon. has no holes on top, but I will put 4 longer bolts through in order be able to put the grill on top, like in this pic 3. I will be able to smoke meats in 3 layers then I think: hanging below grill (with S hooks), on the grill itself and with additional raiser on top of the grill only question is - wont all bottom holes and open top chimney will make the the generator to be used too quickly? maybe it's worth to cover few holes in the bottom and to have some sort of "gasket/cover" on top chimney as
  3. GENIUS!!!!! I was thinking about some sort of small cabinet or something, but now - incinerator! why I did not think about it before... will do that! by the way - in your pics, your incinerator has no bottom? or how does it work if you put it below? I would be using maze/spiral smoke generator I have, and if I understand it correctly - you use duct tape to cover all other holes except the top by the way - what size incinerator is this? 80/90L?
  4. thanks! that's what I was afraid of issue is - my friends tried my smoked meats and now ... I got an order backlog so I need something slightly bigger
  5. hi. I am thinking to buy it as find it more or less only right thing for my needs at reasonable price. I wonder, how big it actually is? I usually smoke 4-5 Loins (raw weight before curing ~2kg each) in one go - will it hold the weight, and more over - will it fit? Maybe you got some more pictures for the size evaluation? Also - is there any way to reduce air flow in order to have a bit longer life of the smoke generator? currently using Kamado for this but would be happy to have something which is separate for cold smoke only
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