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  1. I tried without anything in the bowl and it worked fine but was a cold day. Will try with sand once the weather improves....
  2. That's a very comprehensive response. Thanks for the great advice. I will get some sand and then try again over the Easter weekend. The comment about wind was really interesting as it's a variable I'd never considered. I thought it meant more airflow so greater temperature but it's the opposite cooling the surface and eating more heat. So thanks for the reply and I'll post again once I've tried again.
  3. Hi Really struggling. Had the frontier about a month and on third cook. Can't get temp above about 180 after all vents open for several hours. Using the proq briquettes and minion method plus kettle boiled water in the pan. When intake the pan out, temp rises to 250 quickly and would probably get higher but I've shut some vents to keep at 250 without the pan. Must be doing at least one thing wrong but don't know what..... All advice greatly received. Thanks John
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