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  1. "The road off"? I don't quite understand that. Do you mean the road out? One little word can change the meaning of a sentence. I spent my first 3 or 4 years here feeling confused and dumb a LOT lol. And it still happens lolol. Anyway, I look forward to the future when it's ok to gather again. In the meantime, I just go over to the park with my tiny Firebox Stove and grill a burger or something. It's supposed to be 17 degrees here today, so I will definitely be trekking over there.
  2. Beer and football. I guess you can't go wrong I've been to Canvey Island. Drove over there a few years to check it out. I like seaside towns.
  3. Ah, so you've had some southern bbq. Excellent. Yeah, tailgaters back home are something, except they often involve getting very drunk (they did at my uni anyway). That's sort of ironic, when you think about it. Getting drunk in the back of your truck that you drove there and have to drive home lol. I'm in east London, for my sins lolol.
  4. That's sounds like a lot of fun. Back home, that's called a 'potluck dinner'. I will glad when this *!&%*! virus is gone and lockdown is over!
  5. Oh, I see. A tailgate party means something different to me. Well, not so different really. But it does involve actual tailgates of pickup trucks (I was wondering if you were a band of outlaw pickup drivers). But this looks way better, to be fair. In fact, it looks amazing. So many grills and so much bbq! I'm sure my head would spin lol. And tents! I love camping as well. Yes, this egregious plague is ruining everything.
  6. Actually, it was your post mentioning briskets that showed up in my google search and brought me to this website
  7. You have tailgaters here??? Seriously??? When and where?? I will be there Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the invitation!
  8. Ok, thanks. I'll have a look. Although, I've never bbq'd a brisket. I was actually looking for one to make corned beef and cabbage I lived in southern Illinois for many years, and they had started this annual bbq competition in my town called the Main Street Pig Out. It became quite an event; well, by small town standards anyway. And there is a restaurant/smoke house in a neighbouring town called the 17th Street Bar and Grill. It's known in the region for great bbq. When President Clinton was in the area, he stopped in there and ate, and apparantly took some back with him on the plane. They've got his picture up on the wall. Some of the locals even wrote a book called "Peace, Love and Barbecue". I've got a copy of it. I have travelled all over the States, and I make a special effort to have some of the local bbq while I'm there. I have tasted bbq in about 25 states, and I can tell you that each and every place has its own recipe or tradition. There's really no such thing as 'American style' bbq. That's sort of the beauty of it: so many variations. Who knew you could do so many things with some tomato sauce? lol
  9. I came across this website when I was searching for a brisket lol. I was delighted to discover that such a group/forum exists in the UK! I'm from the States, but have lived in the UK for over 19 years. Being American, I grew up wtih bbq'ing and grilling. I LOVE bbq'd food. If I had a garden, I would grill out probably every day! The way I get my grilling fix is to take my Firebox to the park and grill meat, usually a ribeye. I went today, as it happens. Anyway, just saying hello and happy to be here. I hope everyone is coping well with the pandemic!
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