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    Loading Fridge Trailers In to Rewind North, and seen this Smoker.
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    I've got this smoker and it's an absolute BEAST! I only received it last monday so haven't got doing any cooks on it yet, but I have seasoned it. I can confirm that the metal is impressively thick. 3.5mm I measured it at. This thing packs some weight! You can tell the quality of the steel just by the weight of the doors when you lift them up. I have done a few mods to it so far - I used high temp silicone to seal where the firebox joins the side of the cooking chamber, I put smoke seal strip around the cooking chamber door and the firebox door. Due to the weight of this smoker it was very difficult to manoeuver using the handle that's on the firebox, also I didn't like the fact that you have to lift it by the firebox, so I changed the wheels over to the firebox side and now use the side table as a handle to move it around. This has made a huge difference because the weight of the firebox actually works in your favour this way and I can now move it around easily. There are a serious amount of grates that come with this! It's pretty much a 3 in 1. You can use it as a smoker, you can use the firebox as a small bbq, or use the main cooking chamber as a large bbq. All the grates are there to do these things. The thermometer that comes with it is poor, but aren't they all. I use digital thermometers anyway and I'm going to drill a hole in the side to fit a steel gland to put my probes through. I've attached a few photos of mine, these were taken before I switched the wheels to the firebox side. I got a mate to make me the heavy duty charcoal basket.
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    Served on flat bread with salad, limes and Raita of plain yoghurt, fresh mint and fresh lime juice.
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    First off, don’t get ahead of yourself. 3/4 fill the charcoal basket, then add 1 chimney of hot coals to the centre. Have top and bottom vents open, gradually close the bottom vent until just fit a pencil in the gap. Aim for 120’C and see if you can keep it constant. Remember it’s easier to raise the temperature that drop it. Start off cooking a Chicken to give you a feel of the Smoker.
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    So all finished now and no complaints from the family. The little one certainly like it. The only seasoning I did was a small bit of oil and then salt and pepper and left for a few hours. At around 1200 I lit the coals. I kept the temp at around 130 and then put the Inkbird probe in set for medium rare. I left it for 2.5 hrs until the joint reached temperature and prepped the rest of the food. Served with roast potatoes, honey roasted carrots and parsnips, broccoli, and Yorkshire pud (I wasn’t brave enough to try them on the bbq this time.
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    Just thinking about this OP.... how many of us do grow our own veg?? @Smokin Monkey posted about his corn a few weeks back...(hows that doing??) @Raptor72 doing well, try chicken wire around for the small critters. My Onoins have done well this year, they are now sitting on a pallet so they can dry off a little, that's if it ever stops smegging raining 🤬 carrots are being dug, another 30 foot row just seeded on Monday for a late crop. First broad beans now finished second planting will be ready in maybe 2 weeks, climbing beans coming along as are the marrow's giving them to family & friends. Turnips & Swedes going in today for winter stews. If I have time later I want to start erecting the shed along with my 8x6 greenhouse. The best job today will be fitting my new 6.5hp 4 stroke engine to the Merry tiller..the previous guy took the engine with him (it was his) so I've just got hold of a new one so I'll be up & working next week. The before & after shot...😎 Come on guys...what's your gardens growing??? Ice.
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    Just sliced and packed the salmon I smoked last weekend at the meet up at my house with Spencer and Simon. Sticky thinly sliced maple wood salmon.
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    What about this one....I fancy cooking it this weekend....
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    Hi Stumbled on this site after looking into the Kamados from Lidl. I have a Pitt boss 24 inch kamado and also a small Kamado i made from a keg (it needs a bit of tlc before I can use it again) Been smoking meat for a couple of years now and haven't looked back Nige
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    ......divine intervention I think, 😉 😄 Ice.
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    So, I’ve been building a UDS (with a great deal of help from @Steve j just need a lid and a diffuser now, but I’ve popped over to test it out with his lid and diffuser to see what kind of temps I get and how it holds. Of course it would be rude to fire it up without any food in so I stuck a spatchcocked chicken in too. Seems to be holding steady so far, wish me luck, I’ll update later with results! Update: It went well!! Held temp really well, reacted to vent adjustment great and the chicken came out awesome mall in all I’d say a successful first run!
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    I have adjusted to using F now, depsite being taught in C. There is so much information about BBQ/LownSlow that is in F, it is a pita to keep converting and increases chances of error. Don't ask me about weather temps in F, i have no idea, that's still C! Phil.
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    From a possible £250 to £800+ after buying the cover and pellets... If I suddenly stop posting, it's because my wife found out how much it cost.
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    What a weekend!!!!! we made the decision to go about 0700 on Fri morn....we are so glad we did....for all those that didn't make it, put next years in your diary now. Sat the sun shone all day it was great talking to the teams, having a pint with @wade, then going back to the hotel all happy and ready for bed. Got up this morning, weather not too bad, a bit grey but dry. After breakfast, we set off to drive the 10 mins to the site. Parking we walked in and started chatting with a couple that we have met yesterday, who was in the comp today. Walking on around the site we stopped at our LA guys gazebo to wish him luck, where we were asked if we would like to volunteer to help in the Judges tent?? At first, I thought "no way"....but Rosemary said "why not it'll be fun"...so I agreed. We made ourselves known with one of the KCBS reps who were brilliant, Rosemary had the job on the "grazing table", which turned out to be the best job going. We came away with enough meats to feed a family for days. I had the job of checking along with a KCBS judge the team's number, then allocating another number to their box of food before handing it to another KCBS guy who put it in a tray ready to go to a numbered table for judging. This way two folks check all the numbers, that way no mistakes. We made our farewell to Wade and everyone else, bought a box of coco briquettes that almost every team there were using and arrived home happy and tired, glad there's no work tomorrow. Ice.
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    Hi All, I'm ashamed to announce that after 40 yeas plus of BBQ'ing I've managed to make something totally inedible. It the past i may have produced the odd item that could be described as "well done" or perhaps a trifle dry, but yesterday I surpassed myself, the subject of my shame the humble chicken wing. Below is my tale of woe, The wife is away for the weekend. so its BBQ Sunday! Check the freezer for something to cook, and come across a carton of "basics" chicken wings they look OK but a bit plain so lets try and improve them. So far so good but its down hill from now on. I've had success in brining chicken breast for the stir fry so decide to do a similar thing with the wings, but as I'm in a hurry I don't bother to measure anything out, more is better right? Then to compound matters i forget about the things. So what I ended up with was chicken wings in a supersaturated salt solution for about 24 hours! Finally just to make sure things go wrong I give the wings a cursory rinse rather then the minimum hour shower then needed. The outcome was something so salty even the dog wouldn't touch it,. A lesson to myself that's its all in the preparation i think! cheers Martin
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    Planted myself a Kitchen Herb Garden, right out side the door of The Dog House (BBQ Shack) Back left to right, Chives, Fennel, Rosemary, Sage & Garlic Chives Front Left to right, Curley Leaf Parsley, Thyme, Mint, Coriander, Basil, Oregano & Flat Leaf Parsely
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    So inspired by your achievement of 9 hours with no refuelling, I had a second go at brisket on the callow on the weekend. My first attempt went really, really well (way above expectations!) so I was pretty confident. I actually went in to the butchers Friday afternoon to get some beef short ribs, but they were sold out so I foolishly asked if they had any briskets. The guy pulls a full packer out the fridge and asks me how many kg I want 😧 I said can you please separate the point from the flat, and was met by a blank face. They are a very established an well known butchers, so pretty disappointing, despite the fact that I know it's still not that common in the UK to cook these sorts of joints. I then had about a 5 minute battle trying to show him by leaning over his counter how to cut it, when really I don't know it that well myself. In the end I think I got 80% of the point and a chunk of flat too. Not the end of the world, 4kg of nice meaty brisket! Gave it a trim and looking good As usual, I get the meat on the smoker later than planned (11 month old has hindered my efforts to rectify this), it goes onto the callow at 8.15am. I've 'precooked' my water holder (which I have filled with sand) to 120C in the oven to get to temp ASAP, lit some coals and placed them in the tray with the minion method, handful of apple wood chunks and some other blended chips. Come to put the brisket on the top grate - we're gonna need a bigger grill. From here until the end of the cook, temperatures stressed me the **** out. That picture above is actually after several hours, after a bit of shrinkage. To close the lid, I actually had to press down and compress the meat a little. Not ideal, and the middle grate wouldn't have caused the same issue, but I know my top grate gets hotter, and air flow might have been an issue. Well, it really was. You can see where my ambient probe is above, prior to shrinkage this was a really pretty thin gap, maybe 3-4cm. I had my ambient probe replaced last week because my original wasn't working, and this served to make me very paranoid. I couldn't seem to get past 190F, and I am 20% of the mind it might be an ambient probe issue, 80% that I had air flow problems. Air flow due to the size of the joint preventing air flowing through the cooker, and also due to my charcoal basket, sadly still. I drilled some more holes in my charcoal basked last weekend, on the side, and now think that this may be counter productive. As all us callow users now, on the early versions, the air flowing in from the bottom vents doesn't naturally flow under the basket and up through the coals. The foil around the rim of the basket trick solves this, and drilling additional holes in the side helps too. I wonder though if too many holes in the side means you go back to less air flowing underneath (which is best) and actually hinders things. The temperature of the meat was actually coming on OK though, didn't take too long to get to 140F. Of course then the stall happened. I was aiming to pull it from the cooker by 7pm, which is about a 12 hour cook. My last brisket took 7.5 hours, so I thought I had plenty of contingency. By 6pm I had improved my temps to more like 220-230 (perhaps due to shrinkage improving airflow) but meat was still at 150F, so time for the oven to come in to play. Preheated to 350F, wrapped the meat and whacked it in. Took about 1.5 hours to get to 200F. Really disappointingly, the brisket that was tender was now dry, and the brisket that was still juicy was not tender. This is probably due to the ridiculously hot final stage of the cook, but we didn't want to be eating at 11pm. Aesthetically, it looked nice, I have to say I preferred the tender dry bits to the juicy chewy bits. Was actually quite nice especially with some pit beans too which I cooked underneath to catch some juice Probably best meal from it was last night, wife slathered some chunks in BBQ sauce and reheated and served with mac and cheese, a couple of tough pieces but very tasty So many learning points, and no doubt plenty more to learn still. Key thing is probably, don't try a 4kg slab of meat on a 13" smoker. If I had to do this again it seems a no brainer to halve the joint and put half on the lower rack. I love long cooks, but when the results aren't just right then it can seem like a pretty frustrating 12 or 13 hours! Few other things to mention, the flat stove rope I put around the door kept falling off (more frustration) so will have to try an glue that on. Still a bit of leakage somehow even though it all looks to be treated. The locking clasps seem to be showing some age (smoker is 16 months old), one of each of the top and bottom clasps have had their springs break, so it's still functional but getting harder to use! I imagine once another one break (i.e. I'm left with 2 springless for one of the levels) then this will become really annoying. Otherwise I guess I'm still pretty optimistic about getting some good results this summer off this thing. If I can make it last this year and next year, so 3 years total, I'll call this purchase a success with a lot of things learnt along the way.
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    Got a lot of Cast Iron already, Have a larger Dutch Oven not shown in this photo. Got a cooking Table set up, also got a small tripod. I have a pulley arrangement set up above my Tandoor Oven that I can lower Dutch Oven into Tandoor.
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    There's some work gone in to that... Good build NB
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    Like Ice said, do not beat yourself up about it. We are all good at telling people, hey look how good this looks or wow try this it’s great, but not quite as quick to shout about the failures. I have made you a special award to mark the mistake of leaving out the Charcoal Rack in the Landmann!
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    Didn’t turn out bad smoked with some silver birch . Gave it a mild hickory taste . Need to get some low sugar rubs now
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    Just taken a couple of slices off each. Both absolutely gorgeous. Not too salty. Glad you advised to taste it as I'm not going to smoke this lot now. The flavour in the cure is very powerful and think adding smoke will probably conflict.
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    Pretty good first attempt I think! We’ve been going 7 hours now, just popped some beef cubes in that were brought by friends. See what happens with those. small beef joint, bbq chicken and souvlaki chicken (finished on grill for a few mins to brown off as we were starving) and some sausages. Almost all of it has been eaten and no one has vommitted yet. Sausages especially amazing! Much nicer than grilled. Had a bit of wind, rain, sun but seemed to take little effort to keep the temp in range. Before and after pics! Thank you all for your help so far!
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    Hey everyone, cheers for letting me join. I'm not new to cooking but I am only just starting out in smoking and grilling. I wanted to expand and there seems plenty to learn! I've started off with a Fornetto Razzo and a cheapo H/Base 57cm kettle. Both of which I've just about got to grips with temp control etc using briquettes. I'd like to move to lumpwood now. I've done 5 or 6 cooks loaded up each time with a mixture of lamb, beef, pork and ribs etc. I tend to make my own rubs and sauces as well as burgers. Basic starter stuff and it's all come out well. Looking forward to learning hardware tips and tricks and picking up new food ideas. Also like to find someone local to me who can point me in the direction of a butchers who knows his bbq cuts etc. Thanks for the PM Smokin Monkey. I think I found you by following a link from the Hot Smoked page whilst looking for Nettelfields charcoal.
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    Had a bit of luck today, called in a butchers I passed in a village near to me and he had the perfect bacon for these and fatties, saved a trip to the supermarket, 10 inch long streaky bacon (with a bit of stretch in it. 2 inches wide did a great 7x7 weave, perfect for a fatty and for once able to finally tuck the ends in. No more supermarket bacon 6 x 6 and fill in the gaps it doesn't cover anymore Had Jacobs Ladders and Ocho Bucco for £7.50 kg as well , happy find.
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    Nothing fancy. Finished work earlier than expected so I ran to the butchers and got some chops. Cooked for 25-30 minutes on the Weber while I made some turmeric wedges. Lovey start of the weekend, with plans of doing some pulled pork Monday.
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    Well it all turned out ok......temp sat at 125c for about an hour, then the sand must have dried and it sat at 130c till the finish....I'm chuffed...sand for me from now on. Ice.
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    Was a great weekend . And everybody thinking of going to one ? . Please try your best to attend . We all cook to our abilities strengths and ideas . We all make mistakes and adapt or change recipe /cooking implements ! Everyone helps and encourages you all the way through . The only fundamental prerequisite is you must have a sense of humour !
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    1)Open car door 2)Drive to Tesco 3) Open wallet 4) Pay for £10 meal deal including wine 5) Stick meat into a fiery wood burning thing of choice with cast iron skillet 6)peel back foil lid of side dishes and stick in conventional oven 7) Take picture and refrain from passing it off as yours 😎😎 Eat it and congratulate yourself on a quick job well done !
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    2 coats of etch primer and 2 coats of filler primer. Sand this week then top coat and clear coat.
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    Thanks Wade, that seems like some sound advice! I think I know the perfect spot, there's a little decked area to the side of the conservatory where it'll be shielded from the elements on 3 sides - that ought to do the trick!
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    I have finalised what my contributions will be over the weekend. FRI NIBBLES - Smoked Salmon FRI NIBBLES - Smoked Cheese FRIDAY SUPPER - Hickory Barbecued chicken in bbq sauce SAT BREAKFAST- Eggs Provençale SAT MAIN - Maple glazed hot wings SAT SIDE - Fennel and Gruyere SAT DESSERT Chocolate dream A MAYBE - Ginger and Lime Glazed Corn on the cob A MAYBE - Sesame sweet potatoes
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    The Proq Frontier can handle that, they quote.." Easily catering for up to 12 hungry people," another big thing to take into consideration is size, I have an offset and believe me they do take up a lot more room than a bullet. You ask about uping your money, £300 will buy a top market bullet. Ditto as well with.. @hoogl I'm cooking ribs today, and they will do for tomorrow as well. Ice.
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    Never done it in the smoker, but love neck of lamb stew in a crockpot. If you have a dutch oven or suitable pot for the smoker, would be tempted to smoke it, like oxtails for 90-120 minutes + and then braise it for 6-9 hours..
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    Don't be daft and certainly don't be sorry. I am not prissy about something so unimportant. We are all here to learn and share our experiences. I'm just happy i might've helped in some small way. 👍 Phil.
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    Today I are will be mostly eating Ham Hocks!! Building up the fire with Weber charcoal and oak chunks Like my charcoal ring ? Got fed up building snake, now I can just pour the charcoal in. Baffle in place instead of water pan. Leaves loads of room to mess with fire if need be. 3 fat Ham Hocks that have been marinating in a bucket of cola all night and and then rubbed over with a little spice mix. Thats it for around 5 hours. Gonna do some pot beans too. Few hours in and the beans are in. job done, took a little longer, but you can’t rush perfection. No crackling, as expected due to the cola soak, another few hours then, maybe. Youngest (19) is on an Asian food fetish at the moment and is up for the soft skin thing 🤷‍♂️ Got a short while to bake the glaze in and to cook the sausages for my oldest (23) who doesn’t like proper food, only bbq he’ll eat is supermarket sausage chicken or burgers 😩🤷‍♂️ Beans, nom Scoff time Until next time. final edit... Rodent approval
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    Foil it, wrap it in a towel and put in a cool box. Should keep the heat for several hours.
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    I think you will notice a difference in the finished smoky flavour taste and strength of smoke with the types of dust you use. I prefer lighter tasting ones and use a mix of Silver Birch and Apple when I smoke cheese. But whatever suits your tastebuds will all be good. Have tried Comte smoked and think it worked really well and is a good melting cheese as well. Never smoked Padano but like it on pizza, be interested to see what you think. Anyone interested in smoking Castello Tickler Extra Mature Cheese, Morrisons at the Deli counter have it on offer for £6.50 a kg at the moment. Smoked a kg last week, but not tried it yet. Going to try this recipe of there site that appeals to me, once it has settled. Mature Cheddar cups with eggs chive and bacon (using homemade smokey bacon as well) I have made this on several occasions, I found on there and is something different from chutney a little sharp but goes well with strong cheese and if you like a cheeseboard, something different to try with your cheese and biscuits Raspberry Daiquiri Jam
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    Preemptive caveat: The bacterial content of your bacon will depend on the production environment in which you produce it. For anyone selling their food products commercially, as part of their regular interaction with local environmental health officers we have to prove the safety of our products and undergo shelf life testing. One of the questions that I often get asked by home dry cured bacon producers is how long will my bacon last once it has been produced. The answer I give is the one described by the US FDA (up to a week for sliced bacon at <= 4 C, and up to 6 weeks for unsliced bacon at <= 4 C), however this in itself contains a safety margin. To help reassure you about storing your bacon I have shared below some recent lab testing results for my dry cure bacon that has been sliced and packaged. This back bacon was produced Using a cure that provided 2.5% salt and 1.25% sugar. Lemon pepper was applied at a rate of 1% Cured at 3 C for 14 days Smoked at 10-14 C for 18 hours using hickory - hook hung in smoker Sliced using a "3 setting" on the slicer Vacuum packed and stored at <=4 C These results indicate that, even when sliced, the dry cured bacon is potentially safe up to 28 days - and possibly beyond. Despite these results, our formal advice will still be in line with the US and European guidelines - that you should eat your sliced bacon within a week unless you store it frozen.
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    Costco's massive 24" Kamado is going online for £550 delivered or instore for £480 collection only until the 27th May. Sounds like a cracking deal if you didn't get an Aldi one or just want a huge kamado! https://www.costco.co.uk/Garden-Sheds-Patio/Barbecues-and-Firepits/Charcoal-Wood-Barbecues/Louisiana-Grills-24-60-cm-Ceramic-Kamado-Charcoal-Barbecue-In-3-Colours/p/louisianakamadogrill
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    You would need to eat a lot of it in one go to approach toxic levels so don't panic . Eaten in moderation you will be fine. You may even want to cut some of it into lardons and freeze them in small batches. When used in cooking (stir fries etc.) they will add great flavour, the saltiness will help season the dish and the quantities eaten per person will be relatively small.
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    I bought mine as a dipping my toe into Kamado really. If I get on well with it and it lasts a few years il consider one of the higher quality brands on the market. couldnt justify over 1k never having used one though
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    Me and mate Lee bell tent and one small quiet dog rusty the wife and son will follow next year 😂 luke and Scott may make it ! Depends on steve’s amnesia
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    Excellent weekend and good company . Learned some new tips and ideas too
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    Cooked Gordon Ramsay's Lemon & Sage Pork Loin recipe on the Jumbuck rotisserie today. Followed the recipe except for the parsley which swapped for thyme. I can't believe how the sage and lemon flavoured the whole meat through, so light and it smells so fragrant, before and after cooking. Got some proper crackling on the Jumbuck as well A new firm favourite. Would imagine this could be smoked just as well without the rind on A few pics Ordered a piece of loin of Tesco online, unfortunately came without rind on, so had to improvise with 4 sheets of rind from Morrisons and tied them round the loin like a blanket, best I could, it worked but will buy a piece of loin from my butchers next time as they sell pieces that are big enough to wrap round after applying stuffing and have the rind attached still. Just over 2 hours later and an internal temp of 155F left to rest for 10 minutes and served up with crinkle cut chips, baked beans and silverskin onions
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    Got a ProQ Plancha, a Lodge Cast Iron 5 Quart Dutch Oven and Some Cavenders Greek Seasoning (non sugar) to try. Will be hunting around for a few more non sugar rubs for health needs in the coming months, but it is a start.
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    It is all the times that Jill kicks him out of the house - LOL
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    OK this is based on the traditional Moroccan style of Mechoui Lamb. It's fantastic on lamb leg or shoulder. It makes a good amount of rub.The good thing is it works well as a marinade too you just mix with 50g of butter or olive oil. 2 tablespoons ground coriander 1-2 tablespoons ground cumin 2 teaspoon paprika 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 teaspoon dried thyme 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1 tablespoon salt Pepper to taste - I put in half teaspoon If you try it i hope you like it. Cheers, Wayne

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