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    A few new posters own Proq models and asked for guidance in other threads. This is not an official guide, just my experience of using the ProQ Frontier it for the past 3 years and hope it may help? The ProQ default cooking temp is 225F when the pan is full of water or sand and should easily maintain that for anything from 4-7 hours on a full basket of charcoal depending on weather conditions and charcoal used, I usually need to add water (about 2 litres a full coke bottle ) to the pan every 4-5 hours if I have maintained a 225F temp.You can obtain higher temperatures using an empty water pan, plancha plate or no pan. But then you are not cooking lo&slo and closer to roasting above 275F. There is no default temperature for not using a water pan as a heat deflector with the ProQ without using some form of BBQ controller device. But for guidance I cooked a duck recently using the plancha only, in place of the pan and it maintained 325F for nearly 4 hours (enough time to cook the duck) from the original basket of charcoal. But it is really difficult in my experience to maintain a constant stable temperature above 225F unless you have a temp controller. To keep the water pan clean longer, it is best to line the pan with foil securing the foil round the edge of the pan. This means the fat after the ProQ has cooled down, will stay in the foil and you can tip the water down the drain and the solidified fat just gather up in the foil and just throw away. Much easier to clean also. The pan and the grills will go in the dishwasher (not sure about the 2018 versions) quite happily and 3 years later my grills are as good as new still. To start the ProQ I find opening 2 vents at the bottom and just close 1 off them off once it has stabilised at 225F works for me and then re-opening it slightly if the temperature starts to drop that is enough air for the ProQ to operate at 225F I always leave the top vent fully open I pre-soak any wood you use before adding it to the Proq. You will develop your own method. I tend to add mine when the charcoal has stabilised at 225F and I put the meat in. This normally starts to produce smoke 30 minutes after adding. Others add it to the basket with the charcoal before lighting it. No right or wrong way, whatever suits you best. The temperature will go well above 225F up to 280F when the charcoal is first lit in the basket, but will drop back to 225F and stabilise to enable you to begin the cook. This usually can take anything between 30-60 minutes before it does in my experience. So unless you use shortcuts expect up to an 1 hours before you start to cook with a stable 225F My preference is to use restaurant lumpwood charcoal and add a chimney starter of lit charcoal over the top of the unlit coals to start it, but good quality briquettes work just as well using the minion method (instruction on that elsewhere in the forum) Don't rely on the Proq temp gauge on the lid. Not very accurate, if finances allow invest in a digital thermometer with wifi if poss so you can monitor the pit and food temp from the house and relax a bit when cooking. I would expect to allow a 2-3 kg piece of pork shoulder to take 12-17 hour to cook with no wrapping (few hours shorter if wrapped during stall) The stall can take anything between 3-6 hours to get past. Resist the urge to increase the temp or keep lifting the lid to check. It is quite normal for most meats to stall at some stage of the cooking and patience is needed For Cold smoking I place the generator in the charcoal basket and leave the empty water pan in it with all the vents open top and bottom. But no reason why you cant remove the water pan Whether using wood chunk, chips or dust if cold smoking. They all impart different flavour to the finished meat. I find no point in using wood for smoke after what you expect 25% of the cook to take. i.e 8 hours for ribs (so 2 hour smoke max) 16 hour pork shoulder ( 4 hours of smoke). Once a bark forms on the outside of the meat and if I continued smoking, it just make the finished meat taste bitter and the smoke doesn't add anything to the meat within the outer bark, once it has formed Never needed to do any mods on mine to get it working better, but some people do add stove rope to the doors if they leak a bit. Worth doing a burn of a basket full of charcoal only, when you first get it to season it and if not used for a significant amount of time and it has been stored outside it doesn't hurt to do it then also. As with anything practice makes perfect and you will soon understand what works best for you and develop your own techniques with it as time goes on. Plenty of other ProQ users on here so any further questions will get answered.
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    Hi all, I'm attempting my first overnight pulled pork. 3 Pork Shoulders from ASDA. Trimmed off the fat cap rubbed with homemade rub. Made a spritz of 200ml Apple Juice 50 ml of Cyder Vinegar. Plan is to pull the pork off at 9am ish wrap in foil and towels rest in a cooler and serve around 12ish. 17:00 - Put the pork on. 18:30 - First Spritz 19:40 - Second Spritz 20:50 - Third Spritz 22:10 - Fourth Spritz 23:30 - Fifth Spritz - Prepping for bed. Added more coals (Smothered fire, dug lit coals back out to allow air in. Added more hot water to pan and extra apple juice in the drip tray.) 00:15 - Sixth Spritz 01:30 - Seventh Spritz - ET - 733 probe in one of the butts suddenly spiked from 75c to 100c. I think I have got the wire wet checked with instant read and butts 78 - 82c Hopefully it's bed time. 08:00 - Woke up ET - 733 reading over 110c for butt 08:30 - Dome temp 110c. IT of Butt on wired therm 95c. All 3 butts double wrapped in foil, wrapped in towels placed in towel lined cooler. 13:00 - 2 butts pulled and served. Too much other food was served so I've kept a butt for my dinner tonight. I'll continue to update
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    Pizzas done on the Aldi kamado last night, used frozen shop bought dough but will be making some next time.
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    Rather than hijack another thread as I've been asked a couple of times how I built my outdoor cooking area from mainly recycled materials, so here goes. I'll add some photos at the end. The frame is the only bit that I had to buy, I was going to use telegraph poles, but they leach tar/creosote and are notoriously hard to find so i bit the bullet and went for 3m 4"x4" fence post uprights, th rafters are 6"x2" tanalised construction timber. Its about 2.5m wide at one end and 2.0m at the other with a dog leg in the middle due to the Devon bank behind it. The frame was braced with 45° noggins screwed I to place as in photo, cost of framework was about £100. The roof is reclaimed wriggly tin from a farmer up the road, right place right time.... free. The pallets were from a local roofing company who were glad to get rid of them.... free, I broke them up with a pry bar and recycled all the nails. A pallet is about 1.2m long so I put in some 3x3" uprights mid span to fix the pallet planks too, had to do a bit of jigging about because of the bank behind.... they are protected so we cant touch them.....much. I put a concrete pad in the corner as I am building a cob oven this summer. Ok all the slabs are reclaimed and we got them from Facebook marketplace.... just had to collect from a couple of places.... 60+ slabs....... free. So that's the story so far, it is being extended to the right hand side by a further 1.5m which is where the UDS's and Webber will sit, but not yet as we need to get a digger into the garden for some more landscaping. The left hand side will be blocked in to half height and I will make some shutters for when the wind blows.... we are almost at the high point of our village so it gets windy, the right hand side will have a roll up canvas for an entrance.... Any questions ask away.... loving my cooking over fire journey. @Raptor72 tagged you.
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    A few more slabs and a bit of a wall..... rain and works stopped play...... having a digger delivered soon so will be able to get the right hand side of the shack built... home for the Q and UDS
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    I mentioned in the “pork” section that I would be slapping a Turkey on the wsm and would post a picture if I remembered. I remembered 😎 8ish kilo turkey spatchcocked and covered in salt to dry the skin out. half cooked at 125c on hickory wood Cooked to 74c internal Shredded some french bread rolls I freshly made for the occasion. The two combined with added cranberry sauce. Turned out great. The bones are currently roasting in the oven ready to be boiled for stock to be used on my pulled pork tomorrow.
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    Used a half shoulder of lamb I had in the freezer and decided to start the year as I intend to carry on: using the BBQ. I grabbed some rosemary from the herb garden, a couple of cloves of garlic, salt and pepper. Mixed them in the mortar and pestle then covered the lamb and left to marinade for a few hours. Put it on my Weber kettle with some cherry wood and served with potatoes, carrots, parsnips and broccoli.
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    Having my first crack at smoking cheese in my ProQ Frontier. Coming up to 3hrs, which I think will be plenty. Had a taste 30mins ago and was delicious! Will follow advice on here and Ieave for a short while before vac-packing. This forum has been incredibly useful. I now own a vac-packer, and it was only 20 quid or so -it's the Cooks Essentials one that I think Justin uses. Had never thought of buying one before but am sure it will be a v useful purchase. Once the cheese is packed, I need to leave it for minimum 2-3 wks, right?
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    2 kilo leg of Lamb rubbed up in freshly ground coriander and fennel seeds along with Basil seeds and the obligatory salt and pepper. After 6 hours on olive wood and repeated spraying with diluted apple juice. Garden fresh Rosemary in the heat pan ( I don’t use water) also fresh rosemary sprigs on the coals intermittently. Cooked to 70c, would prefer lower but the wife’s a burn it or else fan and this was as low as I could comfortably get away with. Ready for scoffing
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    Very happy with how it turned out! It was 145F internal after just 1hr - I should have checked it earlier, was hoping for 125-130, but let it rest then seared it right above the coals. I needn't have worried - was nice and pink inside and tasted delicious. I served it with Asian coleslaw and some spuds roasted in beef fat 😋
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    I've gone and done it....I've ordered a Proq frontier to replace my Brinkman bullet smoker. Looking forward to my first go on it. Ice.
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    Been a while since posting but still q’ing as mad as ever. 2 flattened out spiced up pork loins wrapped around spiced up pork mince wrapped around a good strip of cheddar cheese and all encased in bacon. smoked over apple wood for 3 hours and then glazed in my own apricot and bbq sauce for another hour. served up with Apple coleslaw
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    Wow is all I can say. 4 1/2 hours from smoke to eat 😋😋 In a sarnie with mustard and pickles.
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    UDS Smoker Build Barrel of EBay, paid £11.00. NOTE. If you are planing on hinging the lid, do not buy a barrel with a ridge just below the lid, as this is exactly where the hinge is mounted. Used masking tape down the side to mark out position of Shelfs. Drilled shelf support holes Drilled lid to take vent. Vent is a Stainlees Steel fitting donated by a friend, fitted a butterfly valve inside. Had some Shelfs left from a Pit Boss Kamado so fitted them. Utensil rack added. Drum drilled and fan Adaptor fitted for a Q Senior controller Drum stripped of fittings and sandblasted. Stainless Steel bolts fitted for shelf supports. Stainless Steel disc cut to act as a heat deflector. Shelfs fitted to supports. Drum painted with heat resistance paint and graphics added. In The Dog House and ready to roll some smoke!
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    First off, don’t get ahead of yourself. 3/4 fill the charcoal basket, then add 1 chimney of hot coals to the centre. Have top and bottom vents open, gradually close the bottom vent until just fit a pencil in the gap. Aim for 120’C and see if you can keep it constant. Remember it’s easier to raise the temperature that drop it. Start off cooking a Chicken to give you a feel of the Smoker.
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    So all finished now and no complaints from the family. The little one certainly like it. The only seasoning I did was a small bit of oil and then salt and pepper and left for a few hours. At around 1200 I lit the coals. I kept the temp at around 130 and then put the Inkbird probe in set for medium rare. I left it for 2.5 hrs until the joint reached temperature and prepped the rest of the food. Served with roast potatoes, honey roasted carrots and parsnips, broccoli, and Yorkshire pud (I wasn’t brave enough to try them on the bbq this time.
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    My BBQ Blog Site My YouTube Channel
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    We couldn't wait to try the latest batch, so we had a bacon buttie this morning. Just used a knife to cut enough for the buttie, come Friday we'll put both lots through the slicer to pack & freeze. Ice.
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    First off, have to say that turned out one of the tastiest bits of meat I have cooked on the smoker. Full of smoky gamey flavour and a surprising amount off meat, off what were 2 relatively small birds. After removing from the brine I air dried them for an hour and patted them dry. Instead of a conventional rub, I melted 50g of unsalted butter and mixed into it a teaspoon of Chicken Bisto granules (really) till it became a smooth paste then brushed it over the 2 birds. (I thought it worked well and would use this again next time on bird skin). Expected the birds to be cooked in 3½ hours but it was just over 5 hours till it reached 165F. Served with baby new potatoes and tenderstem broccoli. Didn't do a sauce in the end just put a few spoonfuls of a thin chicken gravy mixed with the pheasant juices that were left after leaving it to stand for 10 minutes. Worked well as the meat tasted great and only needed a small amount of gravy. Those 2 birds easily fed 2 and would stretch to 3 if thigh meat was used as well. (legs are a bit sinewy) All in all a great piece of meat to use on the smoker, flavour, think turkey thigh/leg but more gamier. My butchers do Partridge,, Wild Duck, Venison and Rabbit. Depending on availability at the local estate shoots. But rabbit is next on my to try list on the smoker. Though I think I will be eating it on my own, as my wife doesn't fancy the thought of Thumper on her plate. The brine worked great for my tastes. I am sensitive to salt and never add it to anything , when I cook conventionally or on my food once cooked. The only time I do is in smoking hot or cold and I use Kosher Salt. The brine I used added no noticeable salt taste to the finished flavour and as hoped help keep the meat moist whilst cooking and would happily use the measurements I mentioned earlier in the thread, next time. The garlic was just about noticeable in the finished meat. I used a mix of soaked Apple and Maple Wood chips for the smoke. If you like dark meat like Turkey thigh/leg definitely recommend trying this on your smoker, as it is in season now. p.s.Crispy Pheasant flavoured smoky bacon doesn't taste too bad either.
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    OK this is based on the traditional Moroccan style of Mechoui Lamb. It's fantastic on lamb leg or shoulder. It makes a good amount of rub.The good thing is it works well as a marinade too you just mix with 50g of butter or olive oil. 2 tablespoons ground coriander 1-2 tablespoons ground cumin 2 teaspoon paprika 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 teaspoon dried thyme 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1 tablespoon salt Pepper to taste - I put in half teaspoon If you try it i hope you like it. Cheers, Wayne
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    Just a quick heads up, my local Aldi currently have starter chimneys for £4.99. They're a good size (about the same as the big webber ones) and have the useful additional swing down handle to help with pouring the coals out, which is often lacking on cheaper chimneys.
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    Well all projects have to start somewhere. As some may know we have a few family health issues at the moment but I hope to build my gravity fed by the middle of summer. First component arrived today. Not big bit by any means but it's a start.
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    Ok, a few photos as promised. Started off with half a chimney, next time will go for a full one...Hit 100c in 10 mins...( the digi temp was 130c) these are the briquettes I used....will need to try again before I make up my mind. Just after the sear, then covered for 20 mins then sliced, it was a little pinker than the photo shows...but the better half said it was the best beef she's had for a long time....brownie points for me sunshine.
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    Hey Simon... Im going to give the ProQ a go . I did look at the ceramic units but liked the ProQ design
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    What a weekend!!!!! we made the decision to go about 0700 on Fri morn....we are so glad we did....for all those that didn't make it, put next years in your diary now. Sat the sun shone all day it was great talking to the teams, having a pint with @wade, then going back to the hotel all happy and ready for bed. Got up this morning, weather not too bad, a bit grey but dry. After breakfast, we set off to drive the 10 mins to the site. Parking we walked in and started chatting with a couple that we have met yesterday, who was in the comp today. Walking on around the site we stopped at our LA guys gazebo to wish him luck, where we were asked if we would like to volunteer to help in the Judges tent?? At first, I thought "no way"....but Rosemary said "why not it'll be fun"...so I agreed. We made ourselves known with one of the KCBS reps who were brilliant, Rosemary had the job on the "grazing table", which turned out to be the best job going. We came away with enough meats to feed a family for days. I had the job of checking along with a KCBS judge the team's number, then allocating another number to their box of food before handing it to another KCBS guy who put it in a tray ready to go to a numbered table for judging. This way two folks check all the numbers, that way no mistakes. We made our farewell to Wade and everyone else, bought a box of coco briquettes that almost every team there were using and arrived home happy and tired, glad there's no work tomorrow. Ice.
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    Im about half an hr away from DPD delivering my frontier elite. Excitement levels set to max. Totally new to smoking but looking forward to learning/burning some brisket. Will follow the above tips to the letter, thanks for that. 🤓
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    Here at Brew n Q, ProQ have announced their latest model - the ProQ XXXXXXL 😀
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    I started the process today for attempting a lamb shoulder kebab for the first time. Bought a whole lamb shoulder and removed the scapula and leg bone and trimmed up any excessive fat deposits. Scored the meat but not all the way through and pounded. Made a marinade of 1tbsp of raw Papaya paste, quarter cup of vinegar, half a cup of natural yoghurt, 1tbsp,of ground white pepper, 1tbsp of ginger paste, 2tsp of garlic paste, quarter cup of oil and covered both sides of the lamb. Looking to stuff with 1 cup of ricotta, 4 green chillis, 1 minced onion, quarter of a cup of corn flour, 1 egg, salt and half a teaspoon of Elaichi Jaiphal masala (1tsp of green cardamom seeds, seeds from 1 black cardamom, 1tsp of grated nutmeg, 1tbsp of mace & 1tbsp of black peppercorns - blitzed in spice grinder) Going to to attempt to stuff and roll tomorrow and will either cook on rotisserie or indirectly on a roast rack. - Fingers crossed!!
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    There's some work gone in to that... Good build NB
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    I got 7 chicken thighs deboned from my local butcher. Marinade in 3 garlic cloves, ground cloves, fresh mint and thyme, salt pepper, lemon juice and olive oil. All crushed in the mortar and pestle and then left to marinade overnight. Set the Weber up for 150C for 2.5 hours. After this I placed the Weber Griddle on with a sliced red pepper, I sliced the chicken into thin strips and lightly cooked it on the griddle to insure it was fully cooked. Served on a wrap with some salad and mayonnaise. Was a fantastic meal, brilliant taste, one of my favourite meals I cooked on the BBQ I then halved and peeled some apples. Sprinkled some sugar and cinnamon. Left in until soft and served with Greek yogurt.
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    Mad start to the yearbut finally back to it. Late night smoke last night and just starting to load in tonight’s tea. Rib rack has been stewing away I’m the sous vide and then transferring to smoker. Fatty in and some other bits to throw on (gotta have some sausages and burgers). Brisket flat thawing to become burnt ends on Sunday along with a pork shoulder for pulled pork.
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    No Heston he was meant to be there last year but had a car crash a few days before! Brilliant day though! Very basic cooking, but some great information to take back to the store. Lots of people think that it’s just a name, but the fat duck group and chefs are brilliant and have all worked on the range to ensure they do exactly what they’re meant to! They all vigorously test them months in advance of them hitting shelves. The 4K is one to watch! I thought it was just a smoker but actually it’s a rival to the big green eggs and kamado joes! The vent system is simple and easy to use, just one on he body and one on the Lid. the built in digital thermometer has 2 fixed internal probes and then 4 to be used at grill level or in food. All hooks up to the Everdure app. And eventually will work like the Weber app where you can upload recipes and it will track the cook according to the recipe. Out of the box it includes a pizza stone, warming rack, charcoal tings, half moon griddle and cover. So you don’t really need to spend more on extra accessories. AND!!!! I won a cube bbq!!!
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    It doesn't have any accessories other than the main cooking grill, but they didn't say they're included so no problem there. Its a rebranded Auplex Kamado for info. It is smaller than advertised, they advertised it on the website with a 53cm cooking grill but it turns out its 46cm. I wanted something with alot more room than my little WSM so I spoke to them and asked to return it, They checked the website and said "yes I can see it says 53cm cooking grill on the website so thats fine you can return it as its our error, just ship it back to us." I pointed out that postage on a kamado would be a little bit expensive and I shouldn't be paying that out of my pocket for their error so they said they will call me back. They went and changed the website to say 46cm, had a manager call me who said the website listed 46cm all along, insisted the website has not been changed and that its not their problem. If I wanted to return it, I have to arrange and pay for my own shipping. Bloody cheeky. Luckily I had a screenshot from before they changed it to prove otherwise or I would have been shafted. I emailed the screenshot to them, they've called me back, apologised and said i was looking at a "different part of the site" or something (not sure how that works as I'm looking at the page they changed!) but have now agreed to collect it. KeyLargo (or anyone else who bought one), if you decide to return it and end up needing the screenshots as proof, here you go.
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    1.2kg with wades general purpose rub. Smoked with one oak chunk Took about 1.5 hours at 130 to150 degs c.
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    Like everyone says, once you make your own Bacon you will never but Supermarket rubbish again.
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    Hello all, I'm in Somerset and nuts about everything smoky, after tasting amazing smoked haddock on the isle of Mull five years ago I decided I had to build myself a cold smoker and started smoking as my son put it "anything that doesn't move fast enough". I also have four BBQ's and a rotisserie firepit, but my partner thought that wasn't enough so he bought me a hot smoker for my birthday 😊
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    WOOHOO! Oh god I don’t know what to say, first of all i’d like to thank my mother for always believing in me, all my friends over at the woodsmokeforum who supported me along the journey to become, I can’t believe I’m saying it, rookie of the year! This award is going top shelf in my smoke shed👨🏽‍🍳
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    Update! The duck breasts got four hours due to unforseen circumstances. I seared them in the pan, then 15 mins in oven at 200c. Though I say so myself, delicious!
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    Hey folks, 【UPDATE】Hey guys, Inkbird IBT-2X giveaway active is ended. we pick up one winner randomly by Excel, the winner is Joab Forte, congratulations. we will PM you, please check your message box. BY the way, the 15% code still available. IBT-2X: QJNHMGWU https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06WGMDSBL IBT-4XS: I96EH9E5 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B076Q9JSKL?ref=myi_title_dp https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0771KNYJF?ref=myi_title_dp IBT-6X: B2YJJ9K8 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B071KY38C9?ref=myi_title_dp https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XWB3B8P?ref=myi_title_dp IRF-2S: DJXTVX5J https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B076BMVN44?ref=myi_title_dp https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B076BP5SMN?ref=myi_title_dp Inkbird digital meat thermometer HET-1000: 6BPYMHKK https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B078RLHYWD?ref=myi_title_dp It is Inkbird new here, Inkbird mainly offer temperature controller(like ITC-308 ) and wireless BBQ thermometer(like IBT-2X). Inkbird would like to do a giveaway for IBT-2X, we will pick up one winner from UK friends on 21 Jan. IBT-2X: Bluetooth thermometer with 2 probes; Temperature Alarm; EASY TO READ LED SCREEN Rules: Just reply this post with the city you from. Please send me message if you have any question on Inkbird units, we will try our best to help you.
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    Didn’t turn out bad smoked with some silver birch . Gave it a mild hickory taste . Need to get some low sugar rubs now
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    @Smokin Monkey & @Wade Well done on the revamp, love it, much more vibrate, eye-catching.. I can see the new banner at Smoke 19 already. I do like the new logo also, maybe a metal lapel badge I'll have a couple.....again well done. Ice.
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    We got around to starting our second batch of bacon. These are bigger than our first lot, all are 2 to 2.5 kgs, basic pepper with the first one on the top. The middle one is a brown sugar, and the bottom one has Basil on it.
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    Yes it is a problem. I am new to cold smoking and the scowls and comments from HID.....you smell like a bonfire....... what are the neighbours going to say etc etc. Actually the neighbours commented “Oh wow, thar smells great. What are you smoking? Or once when I apologised the reply was that they couldn’t smell a thing. Gave the nearest neighbour some smoked salmon and he keeps on asking when am I going to smoke some more! Must admit HID has cooled it now I can produce fairly consistent smoked salmon....her favourite.
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    After 2 consecutive weekends with parties for 8 friends, we feel that this coming weekend is going to be just for us. I'm going to get into smoking some cheese, we now have all we need to start re-making sausages. Hopefully, the weather looks like it will hold out, finger crossed, as I am trying to erect the new shed that the Brinkman is going to take pride of place. We have a pork shoulder ready for the sausage making, another belly for the curing, this is going to be a wonderful weekend, except the wife wants to go through all of our 3 tall freezers. Sat morning. I was up at 0400 as is my whim....after a couple of cuppas I set to sorting out the first of the 6' freezers we own. I emptied the freezer into a fridge temp down to 1.7c it's an amazing little fridge to go that low. That should hold everything for the time it takes to defrost the smegging thing. At the moment I've placed a small blower on top of a box to speed things up....just having another cuppa and will have to check it all ok. I've also partly filled a plastic soft drinks bottle to freeze, I'm putting that in the bowl with what ice cubes we have for the smoker later on. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Well that's the first bugger done.. and I've finished up with 2 large bags of ice, that dropped off the shelves, waste not want not the saying goes. I think it's time to get the Brinkman and have a go at this large block of mature chedder....back later. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There's good news and bad news....the good news is the new shed is almost done. I must admit I didn't expect to get that far,...I would have been happy just to get the sides up, no no the roof is on as well..jobs a good un. The bad news I never got to smoke the cheese, it's ok thou as the shed is 95% done I'm getting the Brinkman on asap tomorrow morning. While the cheese is sat in the B-man I can tittivate the shed I need to sort the lock as a number of bbq kit is being stacked in there over the winter. Ice Ice Lady sorted the 2nd freezer and also found space in the kitchen for our new bacon slicer. so all in all a very happy day...just one more freezer to sort then that's it for this year. Ice.

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