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    Why is a chore like tidying the bbq shelter always more attractive that writing work audit reports? I was cold smoking some salmon in here the other night and when I came up late and turned the light on a bat flew out straight at me, should of heard me scream haha.
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    Managed to get a couple of after shots. These were delicious. Even the wife who is contemplating become veggie said how great and juicy they were.
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    Hi, I was born in UK (lived here until 11), grew up in NZ (until mid-20’s), lived in Quebec (until early forties), back in the UK (the wonderful North East) for close to 20 years – food influences are multiple. I've been a cold smoker on and off for about 25 years. Started in Canada with a True North Electric Smoker box - thin metal with three shelves and a drip tray. In Quebec in winter it needed blankets to stop the food at the top freezing overnight. I still use the same box but now with a ProQ dust smoker. I'll smoke just about anything - including lots of seasonings. I have a 2-burner top-down or top-up medium size Weber BBQ which is used to finish some cold smoked foods. Also I have been using sous-vide cooking on and off over last 5 years and have combined the two on occasion. At various times over last 40 years have also been a semi-pro vegetable and fruit producer, amateur brewer, country/fruit winemaker, current forager, maker of terrines & pâtés, as well as pickle, jam/relish/chutney maker, a bit of rough and ready bread making, and have catered a couple of events for 60-80 people. Mixing smoked, cured and uncured meats, or smoked and unsmoked fish/shellfish, etc., and also finding the right fruits, vegetables, relish, pickle or jelly to go with the terrines, fish, meats or cheeses I respect and enjoy the tradition, craft, science and the alchemy behind natural, traditionally processed and conserved foods as well as the idea we can make it up as we go along! And then find the perfect combination. So, cold smoking is a central part of food for me whether as a featured item, a seasoning, or an extra twist. Looking forward to seeing what's on the forum - tips, techniques, recipes, and especially inspiration.
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    Hey all Inkbird friends, great news, Inkbird will celebrating the 9th anniversary on 15 Sept, most of Inkbird items will offer 25% discount on 15 Sept(Only lasts 24hr) Except IBT-4XC waterproof BBQ thermometer, we offer 35% discount, you may check all Inkbird items from here on 15 Sept: https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?me=A1MZXMWDS73ECR&marketplaceID=A1F83G8C2ARO7P Don’t miss it and share with your BBQ friends, Wish you a nice weekend.
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    Yesterday we did a forage around the top field... and came back with this little lot.... Over 7 lbs of Damsons....4 lbs Blackberries....3 lbs Plums...& 3 lbs of Apples. We then set to and did 5 x 1lb jars of B-berry jam and 5 x 1/2 lb jars of Plum. Tomorrow we'll do some of the Damsons, maybe 4lbs we've given some to an old friend as she what's to make jam. We have to collet Rose hips along with Crab apples later this week....we also what to make apple leather.... Walnuts are coming along nice some are starting to drop, so they'll just be ready for Chrimbo. Ice.
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    Just seen these fornetto bullet smokers in our local Homebase - both at ~£240. The black one is the same size as the 50cm ProQ Excel. The build quality looks good too. That is a big beast for the price !!!
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    Thanks for the various welcomes. I was out of stock of smoked salt so set up to do some (Maldon and some cheap coarse sea salt from a budget store), and found I was out of smoked seaweed too. I've used it in various seasoning mixes. I have done some seaweed before, but not systematically - so have had four different seaweed samples in. I found in the past that smoking them while damp/wet worked better. I need to dry them off now and then grind them down, so it will be a few days. I'll come back and describe the results when that is done.
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    Just back from a holiday in southern Snowdonia and brought some bits back from the butchers at London House Stores in Dyffryn Ardudwy. Amazing produce from here including award winning sausages (be having those later). I bought a double cut bone in pork loin chop and fancied trying a recipe from Marcus Bawdons Food and Fire book. I made up some nduja butter using equal quantities of softened butter and nduja, chilled it for a bit in the fridge before rolling into a cylinder wrapped in cling film, set up in the freezer for half an hour then into the fridge. The chop still had the chine bone in so I cut through this using a hack saw so I could slice the joint into two for serving. Rubbed plenty of salt into the scored skin then rubbed the meat with A&O harissa rub. I set the Weber kettle up for indirect cooking with lump charcoal, temp at around 350f (180c) and put a bit of pear wood in for smoke. Started the cook skin side down direct over the coals to get some crackling started and seared each side before moving to cook indirect until 60c internal. When rested I sliced into two chops, added a thick disc of the nduja butter to each chop before placing a piece of lit charcoal on top to melt the butter into each chop. I served these with a smoked potato salad (recipe from Fire Food by DJ BBQ), potatoes were cooked and cooled before before being tossed in olive oil and salt and pepper, then hot smoked at about 400f (204c) for around 45 minutes until smoky and golden. Then mixed with mayo, sliced spring onions, sliced chillies, lemon juice, and chopped coriander. Crackling was ok but not great but the taste was amazing, nice and spicy from the nduja butter and a subtle smoky flavour. The potato salad is a regular for me, so tasty and easy to knock up.
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    Smartfire doesnt have the auto ramp down feature as far as i know. You can of course remotely lower the temp yourself when alerted that the food has reached temp. It does have open lid detection though. Phil.
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    Smoke on the water is on 5th - 6th Sept. at Quiet Waters farm Devon. I'm booked on the judges list. Ice
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    Picked this up with the intention of using it for camping etc but in reality its a bit heavy and delicate for that and i have the bigger aldi model at home so it wont get any use Its been used once so all in good condition and has a heat deflector unlike some of the other smaller kamados on the market only looking for £60 for it but it will need collecting from kettering northants as its not really postable
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    We're getting posts in the Smoke on the water OP about Brew-N-Q which is a bit of a mix and info could be miss or overlooked for next year....so I thought we need two threads one for each, and any other event in 2020/ BREW-N-Q is on from Friday 22nd May 2020 until Sunday 24th May 2020, the venue will be Heather St Johns Football Club. Leicestershire. I'm now on the list for judges for the two days. Ice.
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    It’s 2-3 large aubergines 3-4 medium/large ripe tomatoes and tomato passata Sweet pointed pepper 1 large onion 3-4 cloves of garlic 2-3 stalks of basil and parsley 1 tsp of tomato paste a pinch of sugar 150 gr feta cheese And some cheddar salt and pepper to taste (take it easy on the salt, there is feta cheese) olive oil Greek herb mix nutmeg oregano thyme ( Add some fresh chilli if you like it spicy) Sliced the aubergine up added olive oil and sprinkled salt . baked for 10-15 mins on 180c Then used other ingredients to make a tomato garlic pepper sauce (add some water ) Next put the cooked soft aubergine into a high sided oven pan . Proceed to pour over the sauce . Adding parsley and basil and finally crumble feta and cheddar Bake for 20 mins Then take out and crumble cheese on top
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    I remember when my parents used to have meat fondue parties. There were like do-it-yourself napalm kits ☠️.
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    Hi all, Was looking at the smartfire, to be able to cook through the night and get better controlled. I have found the kit at 250£ on one website but also at 191£... can't see the difference between the two. Anybody knows why? Thanks Charlie
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    I definitely think some salt or brining helps
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    To be honest much I wouldn't know as it's my first time doing both brining and wings. Let's just say I would be more then happy to brine wings again if they continue to turn out this good.
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    All done. Only problem was I left it at work Friday so had to use half an onion on a BBQ fork. Forgot pics so I'll post them when I go back tomorrow
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    https://www.facebook.com/groups/492914894441439/permalink/884756315257293?sale_post_id=884756315257293&sfns=mo Colin Turner
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    My names Nathan, living down in sunny Devon, I'm new to smoking, wanting to purchase my first machine, thought I would start here before I waste any money.
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    Been deliberating over this for the last 48 hours, decided against it due to no PID Controller and a bit big for my needs. But for £295 seems a very good buy, if looking for something like this or as an alternative to an offset for around this price Big Horn 900
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    Hmmm, I wonder if I could smuggle one of these into the garden as well if i can find one in local store. 🤔
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    Unfortunately not available online and instore only, if in stock (none within 10 miles of me 😞) but they are out there, if you can find them. They were selling them for £120 in the summer. Reviews seem positive, but require a learning curve, states can be used as a smoker as well but unsure of how good that would be. Meant to come with a peel also but no cover Wilko Pizza Oven
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    The music is there to hide a very annoying sound that the camera is putting on to the video, it’s an interference and a rhythmic beep every second. New camera ordered so hopefully better 4K video and no annoying audio!
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    Thanks @allyby58, all feed back taken on board and is welcome 👍
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    Curry looks great but what's with the annoying music, and it's too loud?
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    I needed the WiFi connectivity also as Bluetooth is a no go with the distance and my house walls are all twin brick. I do have iGrill2 also but I did struggle with connectivity. I’ve got WiFi and 240 volt in the bbq shelter so Guru works like a dream, I particularly like the open lid detection and ramp down function at the end of the cook.
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    I have a Smartfire controller on my Pro Q Frontier. I shipped mine in from Australia before Pro Q in the UK started selling them. I particularly liked that it can run from a 5v power bank. https://www.macsbbq.com/accessories/thermometers-controllers/proq-smartfire (I am sure there was a forum discount code somewhere too) I am very happy with it. It connects to your home wifi and then you can control and monitor from wherever your mobile phone/tablet/PC has internet (over 4g is just as good). There are budget solutions out there, i am not sure i have seen one much cheaper with all the options though that a Smartfire or BBQGuru have. Phil.
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    If you ever want to throw something into the gravity feed I will see if there is room..... Seriously I would welcome someone giving it a try other than myself so DM me if you have a huge lump of meat to smoke or small. I am just experimenting with it at the moment. Hold temp really well.
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    Just got back from Smoke on the Water, what an eye-opener, met up with @Glenn & @Wade on the Friday, Big disappointed that @Mick could not make it due to a slipped disc, (hope your felling better mate). After setting up the camper we joined most folks and sampled Nic's tarragon chicken, out of this world, we asked for the recipe, fingers crossed.....after a few beers we turned in around 11pm. On Sat we got stuck into the judges course, the first 30 mins or so is a run down on how KCBS started, then you get into the rules & regs....after a short break we did a test run. One of the team guys cooked up dishes that had faults which we had to spot, we scored the boxes, asked questions and finished up around 3.30 pm having all of us become CBJ's. Today we did it for real, we were the judges, tasting brilliant boxes of chicken, ribs, pork, & brisket. It was down to us what we thought about what was in front of us and how we scored. Rosie was on the in-take table, she enjoyed it to the point where she wants to do the course next year....if anyone out there was thinking about do this course...do it..you won't be disappointed....I've even filled a request to judge at next years Brew-N-Q. Ice.
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    Course was fun. Very glad I signed up. Well presented. Attendees are excellent too. Sat in the sunshine talking with Wade and IceFever, plus the super lovely IceIceLady. Surrounded by wood smoke and laughter. Weekends don't get much better than this!
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    What a fabulous piece of meat to cook and eat. Ended up being my longest cook so far. 18 straight hours and 2 hours rest. But the results were worth it. Cooked at 225F to an internal temp of 195F unwrapped. (was thinking 12-13 hours initially but a near 6 hour stall at 150F put paid to that) Was aiming for 205F but time beat me, but didn't make any difference to the finished cook. Shredded great and served with corn tortillas, salad, grated cheese and salsa or sour cream and chive dip. Enough left over for chilli tomorrow. I was worried about the thickness and quantity of the fat cap left around it even after some trimming and how difficult it would make it to shred once cooked. But it just peeled off leaving just lumps of succulent meat that literally fell apart. Definitely will be cooking again. A lot more flavour and more succulent than Pork Shoulder imho
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    Might do ribs, Abt's and whatever Maybe satay chicken wraps fri evening

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