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    Hi all, I'm attempting my first overnight pulled pork. 3 Pork Shoulders from ASDA. Trimmed off the fat cap rubbed with homemade rub. Made a spritz of 200ml Apple Juice 50 ml of Cyder Vinegar. Plan is to pull the pork off at 9am ish wrap in foil and towels rest in a cooler and serve around 12ish. 17:00 - Put the pork on. 18:30 - First Spritz 19:40 - Second Spritz 20:50 - Third Spritz 22:10 - Fourth Spritz 23:30 - Fifth Spritz - Prepping for bed. Added more coals (Smothered fire, dug lit coals back out to allow air in. Added more hot water to pan and extra apple juice in the drip tray.) 00:15 - Sixth Spritz 01:30 - Seventh Spritz - ET - 733 probe in one of the butts suddenly spiked from 75c to 100c. I think I have got the wire wet checked with instant read and butts 78 - 82c Hopefully it's bed time. 08:00 - Woke up ET - 733 reading over 110c for butt 08:30 - Dome temp 110c. IT of Butt on wired therm 95c. All 3 butts double wrapped in foil, wrapped in towels placed in towel lined cooler. 13:00 - 2 butts pulled and served. Too much other food was served so I've kept a butt for my dinner tonight. I'll continue to update
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    Pizzas done on the Aldi kamado last night, used frozen shop bought dough but will be making some next time.
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    A few more slabs and a bit of a wall..... rain and works stopped play...... having a digger delivered soon so will be able to get the right hand side of the shack built... home for the Q and UDS
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    Bought the inkbird 4 probe thermometer and am very proud of the results! Rib of beef and pork belly ribs 😍
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    ill probably do pork loin and back to basics chicken
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    I uploaded a video that you can view by clicking here - your feedback is much appreciated, especially as it's my first video and I plan on making many more! I thought I'd document my first proper smoke on a kettle BBQ. I've smoked meat in the past, but only using a little smoker box on a propane grill and whilst it was easy to maintain a constant temperature, it didn't give the smokey 'punch' that i was after. Some members were kind enough to recommend the 'snake' method for smoking and so I did my research, got my meat and rub ready and got to it. As I'm typing this, I'm about 1 hour 30 minutes into the cook and the temperature is maintaining really nicely - especially considering the typical British weather (rain)! Unfortunately, the ribs I purchased were from a local butcher and came precut. I wasn't too bothered as it meant that I could rub them slightly differently so I rubbed half with a salt/pepper/organo/garlic powder/celery salt mix (got the recipe from a book) and the other half with a premade beef rub from a fantastic London butchers called Turner & George (They have a beautiful selection of meat and do some interesting cuts that you won't get from your standard market.) After rubbing, I prepared the kettle BBQ and let it come up to around 230 (as good as it was going to get while it was raining) and popped the ribs on. I was unsure how I should arrange them for good heat distribution so any tips would be much appreciated! About 1hr30m into the cook, this is what they look like - I was hoping for something darker but that may be the huge wood chunks I have that are burning inconsistently: All right, so the rain pretty much poured down for most of the outside cook meaning that the ambient temperature never really got above 230. Despite that, they were looking pretty good at about 3hr30m in (about 160 internal temp) and so I brought them in to wrap: I wrapped all 4, and added a watered down mustard-based BBQ sauce to 2 of them; this was really an experiment to see if it did anything to the texture, rather than add flavour and so I added a small amount to the foil and then brushed a layer on the outside of the rib after placing it meat down: Following this, I didn't want to take any more risks with the weather but I put them back in the barbecue. The temperature of the barbecue started to drop to around 220 as it poured with rain and so I pre-heated the oven to 250 and brought them in after 30 minutes: When they went into the oven, the internal temperature at this point was actually showing as 189 after 30 minutes in the barbecue (thanks to the tight wrapping, I think) and it only took about another 30 minutes in the oven to reach 200. I pulled them out at 200 and let them rest for a further 30 minutes. Now, time for the final product... I was really happy with the final product but I definitely learned a few things along the way: The flavour was a bit too smokey and/or it was too salty. The oak I had came in massive chunks which didn't help and the salt-based seasoning I used was too salty (or I used too much). The other seasoning I used contained paprika and sugar and, despite having plenty of salt, was a lot easier on the tastebuds. I should have bought a 'rack' instead of settling for pre-slices individual ribs. The meat on the ribs varied so much that half of them were soft and juicy and perfect for me and the other half were drying out in places. I need to find a way of making the barbecue hotter on cold days. This may not be a problem if I upgrade to something more suited to smoking (like a WSM or PBC) but it wasn't that cold however the rain was bad today and it only really peaked at about 230. All vents were open and even leaving the lid off didn't do too much. I prefer wrapping the ribs with sauce. This might be somewhat controversial for beef ribs (as it seems commonplace with pork) but the watered down mustard sauce gave a mild flavour but kept the ribs quite 'wet' - which doesn't sound too appealing, but was actually something that I preferred. All things considered, I didn't make too many mistakes but that was only due to having read up on all the tips and tricks I could on these forums so I have to say "thank you" to everyone! If you want some video content, keep an eye on the links in my signature - I uploaded plenty of content to Instagram and will compile all of the above into a video as I also recorded quite a lot of the process.
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    Attended the Lamb Butchery & Asado Course @ Tori & Bens 10 people attending and it cost £20.00 per person. We had a great insight to how Ben see’s farming and rearing live stock, from his Longhorn Cattle and Flocks of Jacob, Portland and Texel Sheep. Ben turned up with a Trailer with 3 sheep in and explained, with passion about the sheep and what to look for. Sven, a chef from London orchestrated the course along with Female Butcher Kate. We all got a turn at butchering the Lamb and removing different cuts. @Ice Ice Lady removing the Ribs from the Shoulder. Myself removing the Ribs from the Breast. Thanks @Icefever for the pictures. Removing the backbone from the Pork Chops “The Prize Cut” Butchering the Leg. The course was well worth the entry fee, then dinner was served. Can not recommend it enough. They also do a Steak Night which I am told is excellent!
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    Just a thought and no more really. But if the idea of the xmas tailgate was a goer. Something like this would be ideal, where you have a hotel to stay in. And then go the cooking area on the Saturday (maybe the farmshop would have some xmas meats in stock to cook)? and maybe they could organise a butchery course on the Sunday morning for those attending if enough people before departing on the Sunday afternoon? If enough interest maybe you could get a discounted group booking hotel and course?
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    I am gutted i missed this. (We did have a great time in York however. Ask me about the lamb pie sometime) It looks like it was worth the £20 just for dinner! I have asked Tori to send me details of the Beef butchery course twice now, but have had no response. I was thinking that if there were a number of us interested, it might help them out in setting a date. (Might have achieved minimum number just with us rogues) What was the farm shop like? Did anyone take a peek? Phil.
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    Saw this on the Ooni forum, seems a cracking price for this oven especially with the cover and pizza peel for £180. Which are normally extras. Some stores don't have stock yet. according to the post but expected to be nationwide, in the coming weeks. Stock code 299536 Must resist...........
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    Today I are will be mostly eating Ham Hocks!! Building up the fire with Weber charcoal and oak chunks Like my charcoal ring ? Got fed up building snake, now I can just pour the charcoal in. Baffle in place instead of water pan. Leaves loads of room to mess with fire if need be. 3 fat Ham Hocks that have been marinating in a bucket of cola all night and and then rubbed over with a little spice mix. Thats it for around 5 hours. Gonna do some pot beans too. Few hours in and the beans are in. job done, took a little longer, but you can’t rush perfection. No crackling, as expected due to the cola soak, another few hours then, maybe. Youngest (19) is on an Asian food fetish at the moment and is up for the soft skin thing 🤷‍♂️ Got a short while to bake the glaze in and to cook the sausages for my oldest (23) who doesn’t like proper food, only bbq he’ll eat is supermarket sausage chicken or burgers 😩🤷‍♂️ Beans, nom Scoff time Until next time. final edit... Rodent approval
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    Foil it, wrap it in a towel and put in a cool box. Should keep the heat for several hours.
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    That ones going to encourage people, thinking of coming to this years event 😀
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    Just had a trip back to last years tailgate, re-read all the posts, what a paralarva building up to it, brought a smile to me. The Friday set up when the rainstorm hit us, but we took all it could throw at us and came out the other side. It's a shame none of the photos load, only the video from @Wade..then I came across a short video I did on my phone that I'd forgot at the time to upload.. ......so for all the new folks that have joined in the meantime and maybe thinking of giving a "Tailgate" a chance this year. ps...just watched it again and just at the end you can see the one gazebo about to collapse.....🤣 The British weather could not beat us. Ice.
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    Mines arriving Thursday fingers crossed
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    Will pop in tomorrow and have a chat.
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    Lee and I can bring the big event shelter
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    Reading about the Bulls-eye sauces, reminded me that when we came away from the lamb butchery we popped into Tesco nearby, and they have a USA section. We noticed a couple of bottles of sauce so thought, why not has I had ribs planned for the Sunday lets try them. Well, I cut the rack into two, I made a rub off the Y-tube, covered both and on the frontier they went. At the 2 hour mark, I took them off and did one sauce on the one-half rack, and t'other on t'other half rack. Must admit they were beautiful, not too hot yet the taste, the raspberry one was by far the stronger of the two. All we need to do now is to try and copy them both. Ice.
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    I’ll keep an eye out for that one, I’ve also got Original and Smokey Bacon to try out. This one was good, not over powering and made the meat very tender - I put out 6 steaks and they all went! So must have done something right!
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    The roasted onion one is really nice, quite sweet and no heat to it with a nice but not overpowering finished onion flavour. Goes well with beef, I thought.
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    Hi all, I've recently been buying things to get started on my BBQ journey and wanted to start posting reviews of my own to help people out. To start with, I reviewed the Sendowtek Barbecue Thermometer . For under £30, you get a responsive, dual-probe thermometer that connects wirelessly over Bluetooth to an iOS/Android app. It was also sent with a piece of paper detailing how I could get $10 back on my order by e-mailing proof of an Amazon review (which probably explains the amount of 5-star reviews the product currently has). I have posted a summary of the full review below to help people out but if you're interested, you can check out the full review on my site: Features Battery-powered, food thermometer with capacity for 6 probes (2 included) Works wirelessly over Bluetooth to provide current temperatures via an app (iOS and Android compatible) The app also allows you to set alarms for when temperatures reach a certain point or drop out of a specified range The thermometer unit also includes a clip and has a magnet to allow easy attachment to most metal surfaces and cookers Verdict The Sendowtek Barbecue Thermometer is a fantastic bit of kit for any home cook. I’m usually the sort of person to pick the ‘best’ gadget, regardless of price, but for once I’m happy I decided to purchase the affordable option as it does everything I need, such as giving quick and accurate temperatures and providing wireless connectivity, but doesn’t break the bank. After a few cooks, I have no doubt that it’s going to last a long while.
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    Maybe I can do my drumsticks in bbq sauce. easy peasey but luvely for Friday supper instead of the usual kebabs
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    Love to see pizzas that don't have 17 toppings! 👍
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    My mate has a flat next to the Hardinge Arms that he only uses in the week. My accommodation is sorted Phil.
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    Hardinge Arms for accommodation, 500 meters from Tori & Bens gate.
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    Yes Ice, was thinking Woodsmoke 20. Could draw a good local crowd.
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    I spoke to Ben, and not sure if any more courses have been set up yet. It was well worth it, 10 of us polished off half a Lamb! We was right outside the door of the farm shop, it was busy all day. The meat looked top quality. Need to speak to Tori, to see if they do Postal Delivery! We had a look round, and thought the site would be great to hold a BBQ/Tailgate weekend!
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    Man, Great looking Pizza
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    Landmann sent me the new parts but they're still not lining up, I believe that's how its 'supposed to be'. To get rid of those gaps I've doubled or in one case, tripled the stove tape. To the right, I did it over the edge with two strips, the back, I did the same and the left had to be two strips next to each other and another one on top, not sure if this will hold but time will tell.
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    Absolutely. it was the best meat of the day😀. They wanted to raffle off my spare butt. We had a wee BBQ at my Dad's bowling club. Pulled pork, Sausages, Burgers, Chilli hotdogs, potato salad, greek salad, beer soaked chicken. fed about 30 adults and 20 kids.
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    I know you were hungry yesterday at 6am. you'll be famished today.
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    I’m giving these steaks the New York Steakhouse overnight treatment ready for tomorrow’s bbq’ing
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    Have had a fun morning making loads of noise and dust.... always loved getting mucky. Two drums cleaned assembled and painted ready for the grills etc which will be next week.
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    After picking the drums up in February I have finally got round to making a start on building them. Bought some wheels and a top vent fron Colin Turner for one then just going basic on the other. Welding lessons next week from a mate to glue the basket and grills together.... got to get the drums burned out at the weekend...
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    Hi WSF friends, Inkbird have a new release, an upgrade of IBT-6X-----IBT-6XS: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B071KXPSR1 1. Up to six probes. 2. 150ft Bluetooth Range 3. 1000mAh Rechargeable lithium Battery and USB Charging Cable 4. Magnetic Design and Rotatable Screen 5. Timer and Alarm- count-down timer You can get one with 20% off now: 3M4R58PQ IBT-6XS with six probes, Black: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B071KXPSR1 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XW74WZ6 And, Inkbird UK official facebook page doing IBT-6XS giveaway now, entry to win one, please comment under the Inkbird UK facebook original post. http://bit.ly/2MJdyl4 Please send us message if you have any question on Inkbird unit.
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    When we were at Woodsmoke 18 last year, a number of guys were using these camp stoves.....https://www.amazon.co.uk/Portable-Gas-Cooker-Stove-Cartridges/dp/B000RHV3MU/ref=sr_1_4?crid=34U99LWHZYLRR&keywords=camping+gas+stove+single+burner&qid=1560430508&s=gateway&sprefix=camping+gas+st%2Caps%2C225&sr=8-4 I got one from B&M for £12 great and easy way to start a chimney... Ice
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    Cook it in one stage. Then re-heat. Its not safe to cook it in two stages, unless the first stage reaches 74’C.
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    Hey Guys, Haven't been following the thread very well super busy at the moment with a number of things, but I know when I built mine there was a gap and it 100% wasn't working properly, however self adhesive stove rope solved this problem and after all the other lessons you guys taught me I've had quite a few successful smokes. I can take some photos of any parts for you @MrMelons. If you don't know, I bought this exact smoker as my first smoker too and got the newbie of the year award on this forum for all the silly mistakes I made and things I learnt as a consequence haha!
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    I’ll bring my electric heat gun charcoal starter
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    There will be a number of small camping gas cookers that are used to start the charcoal chimneys mate. Bang it on mine when you want. Ice.
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    Hi Justin, early days at the moment, but all can be organised.
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    + 1 with Smoking..... Ice.
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    You can use lump but needs more monitoring than briquettes . It may light more than intended as the burn progresses
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    Well that's number 2 in the bag, almost a re-run of the last one. We popped into Bookers yesterday and bought a bag of 4 tri-tips cost about £30...should keep us going for a few weeks. Ice.
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    Castors arrived today 😀

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