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    That ones going to encourage people, thinking of coming to this years event 😀
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    Just had a trip back to last years tailgate, re-read all the posts, what a paralarva building up to it, brought a smile to me. The Friday set up when the rainstorm hit us, but we took all it could throw at us and came out the other side. It's a shame none of the photos load, only the video from @Wade..then I came across a short video I did on my phone that I'd forgot at the time to upload.. ......so for all the new folks that have joined in the meantime and maybe thinking of giving a "Tailgate" a chance this year. ps...just watched it again and just at the end you can see the one gazebo about to collapse.....🤣 The British weather could not beat us. Ice.
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    Mines arriving Thursday fingers crossed
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    Attended s short Asian cooking class with Anne hood . And she mentioned that any cut Of tough meat will benefit in having mirin on it . Apparently it tenderises the toughest cuts so I sat there and thought that would work on smoking meats as a pre prep

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