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    Hi all, I'm attempting my first overnight pulled pork. 3 Pork Shoulders from ASDA. Trimmed off the fat cap rubbed with homemade rub. Made a spritz of 200ml Apple Juice 50 ml of Cyder Vinegar. Plan is to pull the pork off at 9am ish wrap in foil and towels rest in a cooler and serve around 12ish. 17:00 - Put the pork on. 18:30 - First Spritz 19:40 - Second Spritz 20:50 - Third Spritz 22:10 - Fourth Spritz 23:30 - Fifth Spritz - Prepping for bed. Added more coals (Smothered fire, dug lit coals back out to allow air in. Added more hot water to pan and extra apple juice in the drip tray.) 00:15 - Sixth Spritz 01:30 - Seventh Spritz - ET - 733 probe in one of the butts suddenly spiked from 75c to 100c. I think I have got the wire wet checked with instant read and butts 78 - 82c Hopefully it's bed time. 08:00 - Woke up ET - 733 reading over 110c for butt 08:30 - Dome temp 110c. IT of Butt on wired therm 95c. All 3 butts double wrapped in foil, wrapped in towels placed in towel lined cooler. 13:00 - 2 butts pulled and served. Too much other food was served so I've kept a butt for my dinner tonight. I'll continue to update
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    Pizzas done on the Aldi kamado last night, used frozen shop bought dough but will be making some next time.
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    A few more slabs and a bit of a wall..... rain and works stopped play...... having a digger delivered soon so will be able to get the right hand side of the shack built... home for the Q and UDS
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    I mentioned in the “pork” section that I would be slapping a Turkey on the wsm and would post a picture if I remembered. I remembered 😎 8ish kilo turkey spatchcocked and covered in salt to dry the skin out. half cooked at 125c on hickory wood Cooked to 74c internal Shredded some french bread rolls I freshly made for the occasion. The two combined with added cranberry sauce. Turned out great. The bones are currently roasting in the oven ready to be boiled for stock to be used on my pulled pork tomorrow.
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    Having my first crack at smoking cheese in my ProQ Frontier. Coming up to 3hrs, which I think will be plenty. Had a taste 30mins ago and was delicious! Will follow advice on here and Ieave for a short while before vac-packing. This forum has been incredibly useful. I now own a vac-packer, and it was only 20 quid or so -it's the Cooks Essentials one that I think Justin uses. Had never thought of buying one before but am sure it will be a v useful purchase. Once the cheese is packed, I need to leave it for minimum 2-3 wks, right?
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    2 kilo leg of Lamb rubbed up in freshly ground coriander and fennel seeds along with Basil seeds and the obligatory salt and pepper. After 6 hours on olive wood and repeated spraying with diluted apple juice. Garden fresh Rosemary in the heat pan ( I don’t use water) also fresh rosemary sprigs on the coals intermittently. Cooked to 70c, would prefer lower but the wife’s a burn it or else fan and this was as low as I could comfortably get away with. Ready for scoffing
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    Very happy with how it turned out! It was 145F internal after just 1hr - I should have checked it earlier, was hoping for 125-130, but let it rest then seared it right above the coals. I needn't have worried - was nice and pink inside and tasted delicious. I served it with Asian coleslaw and some spuds roasted in beef fat 😋
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    Been a while since posting but still q’ing as mad as ever. 2 flattened out spiced up pork loins wrapped around spiced up pork mince wrapped around a good strip of cheddar cheese and all encased in bacon. smoked over apple wood for 3 hours and then glazed in my own apricot and bbq sauce for another hour. served up with Apple coleslaw
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    Bought the inkbird 4 probe thermometer and am very proud of the results! Rib of beef and pork belly ribs 😍
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    ill probably do pork loin and back to basics chicken
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    I uploaded a video that you can view by clicking here - your feedback is much appreciated, especially as it's my first video and I plan on making many more! I thought I'd document my first proper smoke on a kettle BBQ. I've smoked meat in the past, but only using a little smoker box on a propane grill and whilst it was easy to maintain a constant temperature, it didn't give the smokey 'punch' that i was after. Some members were kind enough to recommend the 'snake' method for smoking and so I did my research, got my meat and rub ready and got to it. As I'm typing this, I'm about 1 hour 30 minutes into the cook and the temperature is maintaining really nicely - especially considering the typical British weather (rain)! Unfortunately, the ribs I purchased were from a local butcher and came precut. I wasn't too bothered as it meant that I could rub them slightly differently so I rubbed half with a salt/pepper/organo/garlic powder/celery salt mix (got the recipe from a book) and the other half with a premade beef rub from a fantastic London butchers called Turner & George (They have a beautiful selection of meat and do some interesting cuts that you won't get from your standard market.) After rubbing, I prepared the kettle BBQ and let it come up to around 230 (as good as it was going to get while it was raining) and popped the ribs on. I was unsure how I should arrange them for good heat distribution so any tips would be much appreciated! About 1hr30m into the cook, this is what they look like - I was hoping for something darker but that may be the huge wood chunks I have that are burning inconsistently: All right, so the rain pretty much poured down for most of the outside cook meaning that the ambient temperature never really got above 230. Despite that, they were looking pretty good at about 3hr30m in (about 160 internal temp) and so I brought them in to wrap: I wrapped all 4, and added a watered down mustard-based BBQ sauce to 2 of them; this was really an experiment to see if it did anything to the texture, rather than add flavour and so I added a small amount to the foil and then brushed a layer on the outside of the rib after placing it meat down: Following this, I didn't want to take any more risks with the weather but I put them back in the barbecue. The temperature of the barbecue started to drop to around 220 as it poured with rain and so I pre-heated the oven to 250 and brought them in after 30 minutes: When they went into the oven, the internal temperature at this point was actually showing as 189 after 30 minutes in the barbecue (thanks to the tight wrapping, I think) and it only took about another 30 minutes in the oven to reach 200. I pulled them out at 200 and let them rest for a further 30 minutes. Now, time for the final product... I was really happy with the final product but I definitely learned a few things along the way: The flavour was a bit too smokey and/or it was too salty. The oak I had came in massive chunks which didn't help and the salt-based seasoning I used was too salty (or I used too much). The other seasoning I used contained paprika and sugar and, despite having plenty of salt, was a lot easier on the tastebuds. I should have bought a 'rack' instead of settling for pre-slices individual ribs. The meat on the ribs varied so much that half of them were soft and juicy and perfect for me and the other half were drying out in places. I need to find a way of making the barbecue hotter on cold days. This may not be a problem if I upgrade to something more suited to smoking (like a WSM or PBC) but it wasn't that cold however the rain was bad today and it only really peaked at about 230. All vents were open and even leaving the lid off didn't do too much. I prefer wrapping the ribs with sauce. This might be somewhat controversial for beef ribs (as it seems commonplace with pork) but the watered down mustard sauce gave a mild flavour but kept the ribs quite 'wet' - which doesn't sound too appealing, but was actually something that I preferred. All things considered, I didn't make too many mistakes but that was only due to having read up on all the tips and tricks I could on these forums so I have to say "thank you" to everyone! If you want some video content, keep an eye on the links in my signature - I uploaded plenty of content to Instagram and will compile all of the above into a video as I also recorded quite a lot of the process.
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    Simple Chicken, with Butter, Chives and Sage rubbed under the skin. Cooked in a Skillet in the Camp Oven.
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    I've bit the bullet literally and figuratively and ordered the ProQ frontier elite
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    Made these today for the first time using Chuck Steak (Why they call them Poor Man burnt Ends though, no idea). Cost me twice as much as Brisket per KG. The fat melts well in a 11 hour cook and has a real beefy taste to the finished meat. Really tasty and recommend the Bulls Eye Roasted Onion Sauce to try with beef. (No real heat or spice to it) Just a nice Onion backnote taste to the sauce. That went well with the beef I thought.
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    Ok, a few photos as promised. Started off with half a chimney, next time will go for a full one...Hit 100c in 10 mins...( the digi temp was 130c) these are the briquettes I used....will need to try again before I make up my mind. Just after the sear, then covered for 20 mins then sliced, it was a little pinker than the photo shows...but the better half said it was the best beef she's had for a long time....brownie points for me sunshine.
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    Gotham (Yes like Batman) , Nottingham
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    Hey Simon... Im going to give the ProQ a go . I did look at the ceramic units but liked the ProQ design
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    Hi all, new to the forum and have just completed a solid 8 hour smoke on the Callow. I picked mine up last year and believe its the 3rd generation. I've only used it a handful of times but have had good success with it every time. For the money it seems to be a pretty good bit of kit. There are some areas where I feel the low price is very evident, namely the door latch and the vents. I was sent a replacement door as after only two uses the door handle came right off. This was good as gave me a chance to line the inside of the door with some self adhesive fire rope as I had thought the door leaked a lot of smoke. The vent dampers or whatever they're call are just really cheap. With this, I have bent the tab out away from the smoker that I can get some much needed purchase on them when trying to adjust. One of the bottom vents will not tighten properly and so is either too loose or too tight and I cannot seem to get the right balance. I also think the placement of the bottom vents is just too low, I don't enjoy having to scrabble about on the floor to adjust them! That being said, 8hrs off one basket of briquettes (Weber) over the weekend and one delicious pork shoulder with very little adjustment or issues is pretty impressive - I even went out for a couple of hours mid cook! Looking forward to the next smoke!
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    Yoooo lads thanks for the advise and here the out come ...
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    What a weekend!!!!! we made the decision to go about 0700 on Fri morn....we are so glad we did....for all those that didn't make it, put next years in your diary now. Sat the sun shone all day it was great talking to the teams, having a pint with @wade, then going back to the hotel all happy and ready for bed. Got up this morning, weather not too bad, a bit grey but dry. After breakfast, we set off to drive the 10 mins to the site. Parking we walked in and started chatting with a couple that we have met yesterday, who was in the comp today. Walking on around the site we stopped at our LA guys gazebo to wish him luck, where we were asked if we would like to volunteer to help in the Judges tent?? At first, I thought "no way"....but Rosemary said "why not it'll be fun"...so I agreed. We made ourselves known with one of the KCBS reps who were brilliant, Rosemary had the job on the "grazing table", which turned out to be the best job going. We came away with enough meats to feed a family for days. I had the job of checking along with a KCBS judge the team's number, then allocating another number to their box of food before handing it to another KCBS guy who put it in a tray ready to go to a numbered table for judging. This way two folks check all the numbers, that way no mistakes. We made our farewell to Wade and everyone else, bought a box of coco briquettes that almost every team there were using and arrived home happy and tired, glad there's no work tomorrow. Ice.
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    Im about half an hr away from DPD delivering my frontier elite. Excitement levels set to max. Totally new to smoking but looking forward to learning/burning some brisket. Will follow the above tips to the letter, thanks for that. 🤓
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    Here at Brew n Q, ProQ have announced their latest model - the ProQ XXXXXXL 😀
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    B&Q have 20% off this weekend https://www.diy.com/departments/restaurant-charcoal-12kg/5060098640071_BQ.prd This is good value at £12 a bag but at £9.60 it is a steal. The last place I want to be is B&Q on a bank holiday weekend but if you order click and collect you get the discount and have 7 days to collect.
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    Just checked my emails and I have one from DHL saying it for delivery tomorrow... Ice.
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    Hi All, I'm ashamed to announce that after 40 yeas plus of BBQ'ing I've managed to make something totally inedible. It the past i may have produced the odd item that could be described as "well done" or perhaps a trifle dry, but yesterday I surpassed myself, the subject of my shame the humble chicken wing. Below is my tale of woe, The wife is away for the weekend. so its BBQ Sunday! Check the freezer for something to cook, and come across a carton of "basics" chicken wings they look OK but a bit plain so lets try and improve them. So far so good but its down hill from now on. I've had success in brining chicken breast for the stir fry so decide to do a similar thing with the wings, but as I'm in a hurry I don't bother to measure anything out, more is better right? Then to compound matters i forget about the things. So what I ended up with was chicken wings in a supersaturated salt solution for about 24 hours! Finally just to make sure things go wrong I give the wings a cursory rinse rather then the minimum hour shower then needed. The outcome was something so salty even the dog wouldn't touch it,. A lesson to myself that's its all in the preparation i think! cheers Martin
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    Planted myself a Kitchen Herb Garden, right out side the door of The Dog House (BBQ Shack) Back left to right, Chives, Fennel, Rosemary, Sage & Garlic Chives Front Left to right, Curley Leaf Parsley, Thyme, Mint, Coriander, Basil, Oregano & Flat Leaf Parsely
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    Today I are will be mostly eating Ham Hocks!! Building up the fire with Weber charcoal and oak chunks Like my charcoal ring ? Got fed up building snake, now I can just pour the charcoal in. Baffle in place instead of water pan. Leaves loads of room to mess with fire if need be. 3 fat Ham Hocks that have been marinating in a bucket of cola all night and and then rubbed over with a little spice mix. Thats it for around 5 hours. Gonna do some pot beans too. Few hours in and the beans are in. job done, took a little longer, but you can’t rush perfection. No crackling, as expected due to the cola soak, another few hours then, maybe. Youngest (19) is on an Asian food fetish at the moment and is up for the soft skin thing 🤷‍♂️ Got a short while to bake the glaze in and to cook the sausages for my oldest (23) who doesn’t like proper food, only bbq he’ll eat is supermarket sausage chicken or burgers 😩🤷‍♂️ Beans, nom Scoff time Until next time. final edit... Rodent approval
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    I am at the Tony Stone KCBS competition near Amsterdam at the moment and wKlalked around all of the teams (60+ international teams) and I could only find one team using a small offset smoker like the one you were looking at - and they told me that they were not using it for competition meat. Again, most tesms were using a combination of bullet, kettle and Kamado smokers The token small offset... Most teams are using a combination of these...
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    Smell is a great indication of the freshness of the meat and just because the lamb was within its use by date does not guarantee that it has been correctly stored since it was packed. If yours had an unexpectedly strong smell when it was unpacked suggests that it had not been stored correctly. The smell indicates bacterial growth or other meat spoilage and I would not recommend meat like this for brining/cold smoking. Generally meat and poultry does not need to be washed before it is cooked, however it is usually taken from the pack and placed in a hot oven/pan within a short period of time which will quickly kill any bacteria present. Depending on the brine you used, it may not have been strong enough to denature the bacteria and even enabled it to spread deeper into any crevices within the meat. The cold smoking would then have given it even more time to grow. What I would have done in your situation. If the smell was slight to moderate on opening the pack I would not have used it for brining but would have rinsed it carefully under cold running water then assesses the smell again. If slight, I would have immediately roasted it without brining but if it was still moderate I would have returned it to the supplier for a replacement/refund. I know that when you are all fired up to do something it can be a tough call to change in mid flow, but taking the tough decision to abort would have saved you the cost of the meat and the subsequent unpleasant experience. Don't let this put you off though. Bounce right back and try another, fresher, one next weekend 👍
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    Some whole hogs roasting for judging and then for lunch
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    Hi @Montyb82 welcome. I was in a similar boat and went with the 57cm WSM. It's a little big for me and the OH but I'm glad of the extra capacity when i need it. I'd agree with @Wade and say a bullet is a great place to learn. I think either way you go you'll have a great time.
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    Hi Montyb82 and welcome to the forum Many people when they first start thinking about smoking are tempted by the type of offset smoker that you are looking at - mainly because it is what people first imagine when they think of American BBQ. The offset smokers are great when they are large and are used to feed crowds however they don't scale down that well and, like @Icefever you will move across to a bullet smoker. To put things in perspective, on the BBQ competition circuit over 75% of the smokers used are bullet type - either Weber Smoky Mountain, ProQ, Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS) or similar. If you are looking to create great BBQ with the minimum of fuss then I would suggest you look carefully at something like the ProQ Frontier Elite at ~£295. Here are some examples of the bullet smokers in use at recent BBQ competitions:
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    I think you will notice a difference in the finished smoky flavour taste and strength of smoke with the types of dust you use. I prefer lighter tasting ones and use a mix of Silver Birch and Apple when I smoke cheese. But whatever suits your tastebuds will all be good. Have tried Comte smoked and think it worked really well and is a good melting cheese as well. Never smoked Padano but like it on pizza, be interested to see what you think. Anyone interested in smoking Castello Tickler Extra Mature Cheese, Morrisons at the Deli counter have it on offer for £6.50 a kg at the moment. Smoked a kg last week, but not tried it yet. Going to try this recipe of there site that appeals to me, once it has settled. Mature Cheddar cups with eggs chive and bacon (using homemade smokey bacon as well) I have made this on several occasions, I found on there and is something different from chutney a little sharp but goes well with strong cheese and if you like a cheeseboard, something different to try with your cheese and biscuits Raspberry Daiquiri Jam
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    Found in freezer. Chucked them on simples with little oregano and some halloumi
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    Am trying brisket for the first time today 🙂 Could only get a rolled piece, but took off the string, unrolled it, injected it and then added the rub. No idea how it will turn out, but it's smelling so good so far! I may have to do what others have done and turn it into burnt ends, but let's see… 😀
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    I would be game to give it a go. We’ll probably get trounced but what the hell. You never know...well we do know it won’t be first place 😂😂
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    Most important thing is to remember.........BBQ RULESIt is important to refresh your memory on the etiquette of this sublime outdoor cookingactivity. When a man volunteers to do the BBQ the following chain of events are put into motion:Routine...1. The woman buys the food.2. The woman makes the salad, prepares the vegetables, and makes dessert.3. The woman prepares the meat for cooking, places it on a tray along with the necessary cooking utensils and sauces, and takes it to the man who is lounging beside the grill - Beer in hand.4. The woman remains outside the compulsory three metre exclusion zone where the exuberance of testosterone and other manly bonding activities can take place without the interference of the woman.Here comes the important part:5. THE MAN PLACES THE MEAT ON THE GRILL. More routine...6. The woman goes inside to organise the plates and cutlery.7. The woman comes out to tell the man that the meat is looking great. He thanks her and asks if she will bring another Beer while he flips the meat.Important again:8. THE MAN TAKES THE MEAT OFF THE GRILL AND HANDS IT TO THE WOMAN. More routine...9. The woman prepares the plates, salad, bread, utensils, napkins, sauces, and brings them to the table.10. After eating, the woman clears the table and does the dishes.And most important of all:11. Everyone PRAISES the MAN and THANKS HIM for his cooking efforts.The man asks the woman how she enjoyed "her night off." And, upon seeing her annoyed reaction, concludes that there's just no pleasing some women
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    Just had a box of Cherry Wood Chunks delivered from Amazon (supplied by Grilling Wood). Weighs just over 9kg of cherry wood, seems well seasoned 50/50 split of wood with and without bark as an estimate I would say there is 40+ chunks in the box. £20 delivered. Happy with it for the price. A variety of woods available in different quantities depending on type. Couple of Pictures, if of interest to anyone
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    Just a few photos as promised from the event... Chewing the fat over a pint...Wade, Rosemary. Mel Rhodes and 4 or 5 other KCBS judges. Rosemary found the ribs or brisket when the teams serve up their food to the public. Some of the teams from Holland, Belgium, Canada, I think from Italy also, all in there were 37 teams.
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    I've gone and done it....I've ordered a Proq frontier to replace my Brinkman bullet smoker. Looking forward to my first go on it. Ice.
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    Got to agree with@sotv It was a great day, we've only just got back to the hotel.....met up with Wade, (staying at the same hotel)....shame about not seeing Sotv there maybe next time mate??. Got some video clips of the results, if I can sort it I'll post the main ones. We met Ian the Proq owner MD, had a beer and an hour or so just chewing the fat , nice guy, gave him an idea for a bit of kit that may fit in well with a Proq smoker?? who knows what may come from that. As Sotv already said everyone was so friendly, met a guy from LA doing a demo on how he does his ribs, and when, or if he sees us tomorrow will hand over what's left of his rubs, no point in taking half-empty jars back to the states. We stayed until all the results were sorted, and the music got going, then the temp started to fall a little along with a few spots of rain, nothing to worry about, but by then Wade, Rosie and I were starting to feel it was time to call it a day....Wade bid us farewell...and we followed a short time later...more tomorrow. Few photos to follow............. Ice.
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    Well, it turned up 1 hour before we had to leave to travel to the "Brew & Q", so I had just enough time to de-box it and it's now sat in the corner of the living room. I must admit this is the first time I've seen one in the skin, and brother it's a brilliant bit of kit. I can't wait till Monday to start using it. One problem, not a big one, the wife has seen the "Flip'n'grate" now as we do a reasonable amount of fish she says it would be ideal for us??? just hope they have them for sale at the show?? Ice.
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    The best tip I've heard is, if you inject a spatchcocked chicken, you should inject it from the bone side. That way the skin status on intact and doesn't tear when it's cooking. I've always been pleased with results when injecting. Especially Turkey.
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    Costco's massive 24" Kamado is going online for £550 delivered or instore for £480 collection only until the 27th May. Sounds like a cracking deal if you didn't get an Aldi one or just want a huge kamado! https://www.costco.co.uk/Garden-Sheds-Patio/Barbecues-and-Firepits/Charcoal-Wood-Barbecues/Louisiana-Grills-24-60-cm-Ceramic-Kamado-Charcoal-Barbecue-In-3-Colours/p/louisianakamadogrill
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    Played with mine this weekend following a quick call to Aldi to get a £50 refund. So far I've cooked lamb adana, vegetables and flat breads and roasted a chicken on Sunday. Really happy with the results. I'm not at the set and forget stage but control hasn't been too tricky. Just remember to remove the deflector when cranking it up..... live and learn, doh!
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    We’ve all been there, and it’s good to see folks posting about a disaster, and not always banging their chest and saying look what I have mastered up. 👍
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    The procedure most of us follow 👍 Should be good to eat, with those timings in 2-3 weeks. I love smoked cheese, probably my favourite form of cold smoking and easiest to do. Hope you enjoy the fruits of your first attempt.

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