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    Got there eventually. Water or no water,vents open or closed and beads or not? It's a day for learning. Not the best temperature outdoors for doing it but we got there
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    Sorry Justin - just saw your message. I haven't been on the forum for a while. I use a large, very sharp carving knife. After smoking I leave the bacon in the fridge for 48 hours before slicing so it pretty firm. Hope that helps.
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    Yes Maldon is OK, although it is an expensive option. The type of salt used in the cure makes little difference to the end result as it is there to remove water from the fish and most is lost in the brine produced. I took advice in the early days from Forman & Field and they use, standard fine grain cooking salt - the same as you buy in 1 Kg packs in most supermarkets for ~50p per Kg. Whichever brand you use, it is best if it is fine grain - as this mixes more evenly with the sugar to give a more homogenous cure. If you do use the Maldon and it is in flakes, pulse it in the coffee grinder for a second or two to break them down. You are looking for fine grains and not a fine powder.
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    Move it in to a shelter spot, or make a shield, card board box, wheelie bin anything to keep the wind of it.
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    You live and learn Nova......I spatchcock any chuck that I cook these days....much easier I think. Ice.
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    Well as a trial I'm trying a wee chicken this morning . Could be a disaster but every day is a school day. And its snowing 😟
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    Cheers for that information Ice. I was wondering what sand to use, and since I’ll need to get more play sand for the little ones sand pit, then it’ll be two birds with one stone.
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    Most of us use sand, I switched to sand as you don't need to worry about the pan running dry after a few hours, and IMHO sand is a lot better at the job. If you do decide to try it buy a bag of Play sand from B&M, Homebase, it's clean for using in the kids sandpit. Ice.
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    OK, I have been curing my own bacon for a few years. Normally unflavoured and never ever smoked any. I have just tried a piece of this after slicing. AMAZING. The light applewood smoke with the Angus & Oink Christmas cure is wonderful. I don't like too much smoke on bacon and this is a lovely balance of flavour. I think...it is the best bacon I have ever tasted. I haven't necessarily said that about any of my own before. I am 46, I have eaten a lot of bacon. I am so glad that there is another 3 large chunks in cure right now. Thanks for your help everyone, Phil.
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    Just enjoying a lovely Beast of Midlands Mild that I brewed and that is nicely conditioned now. First secret santa has arrived from homebrewforum.co.uk member too. Doing a triple bottle swap at Anglia Craft Brewers mid week meeting this evening in The Vic Colchester too. Feeling Christmassy.
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    Just an idea when using ziplock bag for curing, use displacement method to expel air. I have a hand pump for the ziplock bag I can use but displacement is easier and better. I do have external vac machine but with liquids it is not the best method. A chamber vac machine would be fine but those are more expensive to buy for a home set up

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